Winter Warmers

Monday, 25 November 2013  |  Paul

The cold snap is on its way, so keep warm and cosy with Health and Care’s top 5 winter warmers.

1. Slankets are now on offer and are only £24.95 with free UK delivery as usual. Slankets are made from a lovely, thick fleece material which keeps you warm and cosy on the sofa or even in bed. Your hands are left free to use the phone, remote control, read a book or even eat dinner if you’re got an especially cold place.

2. Hot Rox Hand Warmers make the perfect stocking fillers from £19.95.There’s the option for USB or mains charging which means you can top up anywhere to make sure you always have it ready to hand.

3. Isotoner Gloves are an absolute bargain at £14.99, and are ideal for anyone who has a touch screen phone. These touchscreen gloves stop the faff of having to take off gloves to answer a call, text, or change a terrible song!

4. Electric Foot Warmer for £59.99 is the ultimate luxury for those cosy nights in at home. There’s no need for an open fire anymore. The inside is completely washable and there are even 2 settings to choose from.

5. Micro Hotties are another bargainous way to keep warm at £12.99. Pop these handy little pockets in the microwave and you’ve got yourself a mini hot water bottle. Also available as a back wrap and foot warmer!