Winter is here….almost!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013  |  Paul

Just over two weeks ago I was arriving back into the UKafter two weeks in Turkey and I cannot believe how much the weather haschanged!!

It has been such a shock to the system. Before I flew away,there were people walking about with next to nothing on, sun cream was flyingoff the shelves and people were spending the day in parks drinking and playingfootball.

Upon landing at Gatwick, the pilot gave us the stark warningthat the temperature was in the mid-teens and rain was imminent. Mostconversations have changed topic to which tog of duvet or turning the centralheating on. I’ve even seen folk wearing hats and scarves already…calm down, itain’t that cold!!

I will be the first to admit that I fired up the centralheating the other day and the summer duvet has been switched to theregular…don’t worry I can combine the two to make a winter duvet ;)

What’s that you say??! Temperatures back into the twentiesagain next week?? where did I put those shorts?

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