Winter Footwear

Wednesday, 23 October 2013  | 

Unfortunately it’s getting colder which is bad news for peoplewho insist on wearing fashionable dress shoes with terribly thin soles, such asmyself. Those hard, unforgiving city streets are turning stone cold which meansI need some insulation lest my toes go numb.

Fortunately there is an effective solution to this and(wha’dya know) Health and Care have it!

I’m wearing cosy insoles made with real wool, the Pedag Viva Winter Insoles. They’re quite effective at stopping the cold penetrating through since they have a triple protective layer and the cosy wool upper and I would recommend them to wear through winter.

We’ve been digging out our products for more extreme winter walking conditions too lately, like ice and snow. I may combine my woolly insoles with the Anatom Ice Grips which are actually pretty nifty little items that make walking through tough conditions easy with any shoe. These things simply slide over your shoes and the studs on the underneath dig in giving you good grip on the ice.

Try them on your perilous commute this winter and laugh as  those around you fall..

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