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Wimbledon 2016 Product Guide

Tuesday, 28 June 2016  |  Paul

We've reached that time of year again, where you've dusted off that old tennis racket and had a few vigorous swings. Wimbledon 2016 is here and British hopes cling to the man, the myth, the legend; Tim Henman Andy Murray. With Novak Djokovic pushing for a third consecutive title it will be hard for anyone to steal his crown, but stranger things have happened.

Whether you're playing in the tournament itself, watching in the stands or just having a knockabout with your brother in the back garden, here at Health and Care we've got a great range of products to suit you. 

Zepp Tennis Swing Analyser

The Zepp Tennis Swing Analyser is an innovative training aid that uses advanced technology to capture and analyse your performance. The Zepp Tennis Kit comprises a slimline sensor, a racket mount and apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android. The sensor itself easily attaches to any tennis racket using the included mount, and captures over 1000 data points per second, which are sent wirelessly to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

With the Zepp Tennis you can track your shot type, power and spin level, and time on the court, to name a few. Now you can train like the professionals, there's nothing preventing that late career change. 

Aircast A60 Ankle Support

The product Andy Murray uses to combat ankle injury, the Aircast A60 Ankle Support is ideal for keeping you protected yet mobile on the court. The innovative stabiliser moulded at a 60 degree angle helps to prevent ankle sprains, and guards against rollover.

Tennis is a sport in which you're constantly having to change direction at speed, which makes you ankles vulnerable to sprains, strains and more. Knowing you can move around with confidence is hugely important to your performance, and can be the difference between winning and losing. As an added bonus, the A60 Ankle Brace is currently half price, so there's no reason not to protect yourself on the court!

Techniche HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Ranger Hat

With the British sun beaming down on you (occasionally) it makes sense to stay protected from those rays, and with the added bonus of keeping you refreshingly cool, the Techniche HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Ranger Hat is a perfect choice for watching some tennis. The hat used unique cooling technology, with the fabric construction absorbing and releasing water through evaporation. This delivers cooling relief to the head for several hours, so even if it goes to a marathon tie-break you'll be feeling great. 

If you're looking for a more contemporary style, or you're actually playing yourself, then the Techniche HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Baseball Cap works in exactly the same way, and is a great alternative.

McDavid Tennis Elbow Strap

Injuries are an unfortunate fact of life, especially if you're an active person and your sport involves repetitive movements (such as a tennis swing). The McDavid Tennis Elbow Strap provides a handy solution to Tennis Elbow, by applying pressure to the tendons around the elbow. The neoprene construction delivers therapeutic heat to promote healing and reduce pain, while the slimline construction ensures that you won't be slowed down or inconvenienced by wearing the strap. 

Galius Sun Pre-Competition Solar Spray

Another product that's equally suitable for both players and spectators, the Galius Sun Pre-Competition Solar Spray helps to warm up muscles so that they're ready to perform, meaning that you're less likely to suffer an injury on the court. The spray also features SPF 30 protection from the sun; great for long matches viewed from the stands. Protecting your skin from the effects of the sun shouldn't be taken lightly, and it's so easy to do there's no reason why you can't use this simple yet effective product this year at Wimbledon.

Enjoy the Tournament!

Now you've got an idea of some great products to use while playing or watching tennis, there's nothing left to do but enjoy the tournament, perhaps with one or two new additions to your collection! Good luck Tim Andy.