Whether you're a snorer or you suffer next to one, we have something for you

Wednesday, 14 November 2012  |  Paul

It’s pretty safe to say that almost all of us have been subjected to snoring at some point in our lives.  Whether you’re a serial snorer, or share a room with one, the effects of snoring on a regular basis can be extremely frustrating for all parties involved.  However, with a diverse range of anti-snoring products on the market, Health and Care have some great solutions to stop the snoring blues and ensure everyone has a good night’s sleep.

One major method adopted to reduce snoring is to increase the naval cavity, to relieve nasal congestion, having a great impact on the users snoring.  This has been achieved in various ways, from the Rhynil stop snoring spray, which uses a herbal remedy to clear the nasal passage and reduce congestion, to the CareDerm nasal strips, which adhere outside the nose to keep the nostrils open throughout the night. Nozovent go one step further with their nasal dilator which is placed inside the nose, keeping the nostrils expanded and making breathing easier.  All of these methods are extremely effective, not only in reducing snoring, but also for giving the user a better quality of sleep.

But that’s not all, for those of you open mouthed snorers out there, we also have the SnoreCalm chin up strips.  These strips are designed to keep the mouth closed throughout sleep, and encourage sleepers to breathe through their nose.  Similarly, working on the same principle, mouth guards such as the Somni Snore Guard, work by blocking the mouth and ensuring sleepers breathe through their nose.  Of course, these shouldn’t be used if suffering from a cold or a blocked nose.

Another popular product out there is the Relax Snore Stopper, which is a unique device that detects users snores in the night and sends out a gentle impulse to stimulate a move in position to stop the snoring.  A much better alternative than a kick in the bed from a frustrated partner.  And let’s not forget those frustrated partners, who are probably more affected than the snorer themselves.  We also have a range of earplugs available for those of us who have would like to block out the noise and sleep in peace.  From the Hushplugz to the SnoreCalm range, we have many options out there.  The SnoreCalm Elite earplugs in particular have been proven to have the highest noise reduction of 37db.

With a quarter of the British population snorers, these products are great sellers and are proven to be effective, so why not try them and see for yourself.  Not only should your quality of sleep be improved, but your waking hours will be too.