What Size of Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow Do I Need?

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Providing ergonomic rest and encouraging pain-relieving posture, the Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow has been vastly utilised by individuals, chiropractors, and orthopaedic professionals. As Therapeutica have spent over two decades perfecting approaches to correct posture and spinal alignment during rest, there is no surprise when it comes to the fact that their pillows are used in both homes and professional care and therapy environments worldwide.

While there is no denying the benefits that the Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow can have on posture and relieving back pain in some users, this will be most effective when the most suitable size of pillow is being used. To help you ensure that you are purchasing the best pillow size for you, and thus making sure that you can receive the best possible level of support and pain relief, we've compiled this guide to help you measure yourself for the Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow.

What Is the Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow?

Before finding your measurements, it may be worthwhile familiarising yourself with the benefits that the Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow can provide. It was designed with the support of a chiropractic doctor to provide comfortable contours and cervical support to ensure patients and users can be as comfortable as possible, whether during treatments or in the comfort of their own home.

The Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow was also developed with back pain caused by poor posture in mind. Pain around the back, neck, and shoulders can occur as a result of poor posture or positioning at night while you sleep, and to help combat this Therapeutica designed the Spinal Alignment pillow so that individuals, whether they sleep on their back or their side, can receive a more correct and comfortable spinal alignment, and in turn reduce the pain poor posture can bring. To learn more about Therapeutica and what they stand for, you can read all about them in our article here.

Measuring with the Printable Therapeutic Pillow Size Measuring System

If you have access to a printer, then the most efficient way of finding the best pillow size for you is to print out the Therapeutica Custom Measuring Ruler. This can be found by clicking on the image of the Custom Measuring Ruler below, and printing out the ruler at 100%. 

Once you have cut along the black line around the outside, follow the instructions on the diagram and position it against your neck. Where the edge of your shoulder lies will determine the size of pillow that will be most suitable for you. They are available in the following sizes: Child, Petite, Average Adult, Large Adult, Extra Large Adult.

Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow Size Measuring System

No Printer? Find Measurements with a Standard Ruler

If you don't have access to a printer, you can still find your correct measurements by using a standard ruler. As illustrated in the diagram below, this process is similar to using the Custom Measuring Ruler, with the ruler held level and measuring from the base of the neck out across the shoulder. It is best to take measurements in inches where possible.

If your measurement falls between two sizes, it is recommended that you select the smaller of the two sizes.

Measuring without a Ruler for the Therapeutica Sleeping PIllow

Choosing Your Pillow Size

Now you know your accurate measurements, you can head to the Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow and select the corresponding size. If you measured with the Custom Measuring Ruler, the name of the size will match up with the measurement obtained. For finding the correct size if you have used a ruler for measuring, please see the table below for the advised pillow size.

Pillow Size Measurements
Child Age 6 - 10 years old
Petite 4.25 - 5.25 inches
Average Adult 5.25 - 6.25 inches
Large Adult 6.25 - 7.25 inches
Extra Large Adult 7.25 inches and above

Once you are ready to select your size, or to find out more about the Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow, click this link or see the image below.

Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow

Have you tried the Therapeutica Spinal Alignment Sleeping Pillow? How did you find the experience? Let us know in the comments or find us on Twitter and Facebook!

Martyn Davies
Saturday, 20 January 2018  |  6:56

Is this product suitable for tetraplegics with very low muscle tone in neck? To support head from falling side to side. Is it soft enough not to be a problem for pressure ulcers?

Monday, 22 January 2018  |  17:06

Hi Martyn, the Therapeutica pillow is quite firm and has been designed to correctly align the body with sleeping. While it may help people with mild neck pain, it is not suitable for more severe neck conditions. I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Amy at Health and Care