What Is In Our Food???

Monday, 19 August 2013  |  Paul

There seems to be more and more programmes on the TV about nutrition and about what exactly is inside the food we eat.

Just the other day I read that a 500ml bottle of fresh orange juice from a well-known high street café contained more sugar than 5 Krispy Kreme glazed ring doughnuts!! That should not be the case surely, but it is!

I am guilty of checking the little nutrition wheel or traffic light systems on the front of the items I buy in a lame attempt to be careful with what I am shovelling into myself but it can be very tricky to do.

I bought a bought a soft drink the other day after reading that the sugar content was relatively compared to its competitors….it wasn’t until I had opened it and started drinking that I noticed the small print which told me the nutritional information was only for a 250ml serving, not for the full 500ml.

I’ve given up checking now!