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What Does Plug Matched Mean?

Tuesday, 26 January 2016  |  John

Buying care alarms is not an easy process. It’s vital that you know that what you’re buying is right for the person under your care, be it a loved one or a patient. At Health & Care, we want to reduce the stress and anxiety of purchasing a care alarm and ensure that you receive exactly what you need. 

One of the most difficult parts of care alarm purchasing is making sure that any additional sensors you buy are compatible with your existing system. Fortunately, our friends at Frequency Precision have developed their Plug Matched system, which enables you to specifically select your system from a list, so you know that you’re getting the right sensor.

How Does Plug Matching Word?

Frequency Precision makes some amazing pressure sensitive mats. Unlike most other bed and chair leaving mats, their bed and chair mats use air pressure rather than magnetic contacts to detect if someone is leaving their bed or chair. This helps to eliminate the risk of false alarms and means that the bed pressure mat can even be used with pressure relief mattresses.

See Our Full Range of Frequency Precision Products

And because of their dedication to their users, Frequency Precision makes their pressure mats compatible with a huge range of different call systems. They do this by matching the plugs of their mats with existing call systems, so as many people as possible can benefit from this great technology.

Compatible Systems for the Plug Match System

Over 40 different systems are compatible with the Frequency Precision pressure mats, including:

  • Aidcall
  • Alarm Tec
  • Ascom
  • AV Tech
  • Call Line
  • CareCom
  • Eclipse
  • Intercall
  • Medicall
  • Nursecall
  • Quantec
  • Rondish
  • Tate
  • Tunstall

This means that more people can benefit from Frequency Precision’s fantastic Airlert technology and that you can carry out your care more effectively. Be sure to check each individual product’s listing for compatibility your call system.

Who Can Benefit from the Plug Matched System?

Frequency Precision’s plug matched system is fantastic for care homes which need more variety in their sensors while still using a single system for monitoring. This is great, for example, if your system does not have a pressure mat for beds or chairs available, or if you find your existing pressure mats are giving too many false positives.

The plug matched system is also great if you need a bed leaving mat for a pressure relief mattress and your current mats won’t work with it – Frequency Precision’s bed leaving mat will.

Frequency Precision mats are as effective in your home or in a care home, so there’s no need to worry that you’re buying too advanced a product or too weak – the plug matched system is designed to work for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about Frequency Precision’s pressure mats, check out our full range of Frequency Precision mats and accessories at Health and Care.