What did you say??!?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013  |  Paul

It can be really annoying when you’re sitting down to watch a favourite programme on TV and you can’t quite make out what is being said because someone else in the room is speaking on the phone or the washing machine is going crazy!

Try to imagine if you found it difficult to hear the TV when nobody else around you is making a sound…

Fear not! We have some excellent solutions to remedy this frustrating position.

The Amplicomms TV150 Amplified Wireless Headset System gives you massive 120dB amplification without disturbing your friends or family. Clear and precise sound makes the TV even more enjoyable than ever before.

With an adjustable tone control you can fine tune the sound quality to meet individual needs or circumstances. This item is completely wireless which makes it even more appealing for elderly customers who may be forgetful or at risk of trips and falls.

The Amplicomms TV150 Amplified Wireless Headset System has a rechargeable battery which provides you with up to 25 hours listening time when fully charged.

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