What Conditions Is the Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot Suitable For?

Friday, 8 September 2017  |  Paul

If you have recently received a foot injury, or are recovering from surgery, you might be wondering if the popular Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot is suitable for you. This highly versatile protective walker boot is effective in treating a variety of conditions, but it's important to know what it can do for you.

When to Use the Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot

Like all orthopaedic walker boots, the Aircast AirSelect is designed for use by people who have suffered a foot or ankle injury. It provides support to the ankle and leg while reducing pressure and impact on the foot. This enables patients to maintain their mobility while they recover.

What Conditions is the Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot Suitable For?
The Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot

Sprain Injuries

One of the most common uses for the AirSelect Short Walker Boot is to aid recovery from ankle and foot sprains. Sprains are graded by doctors according to severity:

  • Grade I - Stretching or minor tearing of the ligament with only mild pain. The ankle feels stable and it is usually possible to walk.
  • Grade II - A more serious tear, typically causing moderate pain, bruising and/or swelling. It is difficult to walk.
  • Grade III - A complete tear of the affected ligaments with concomitant swelling and bruising. Ankle is unstable and walking is impossible.

The AirSelect Short Walker Boot is typically recommended for the most serious Grade III sprains. Grade I and II sprains are usually able to heal on their own, or with the help of a simple ankle brace or support.

Other Soft Tissue Injuries

While sprains are the most commonly encountered soft tissue injury of the foot, there are also some others. In contrast to an acute injury like a sprain, conditions such as tendonitis and bursitis are caused by long-term overuse. Wearing the AirSelect Short Walker Boot stabilises the affected joints, helping these conditions to heal.

Breaks and Fractures

The Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot can also aid recovery from stress and stable fractures of bones in the foot. However, a walker boot should only be used once healing has proceeded to a certain degree, and should never be used directly after a fracture injury. Often, it will be used following a surgical intervention. Injuries the Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot has been used for include:

  • Ankle fractures
  • Foot fractures
  • Metatarsal stress fractures
  • Toe fractures

However, doctors will sometimes recommend that the tall version of the AirSelect Walker Boot is used for toe and metatarsal stress fractures, as many of the muscles that attach to these regions start in the leg.

Other Uses

The Aircast AirSelect is also suitable for various other uses. For example, the AirSelect Walker Boot can be used following a bunionectomy (surgical removal of a bunion/hallux valgus) to stabilise the foot and give it time to heal. Likewise, it can provide the required support after an osteotomy (surgical removal of a bone near a damaged joint).

Time to Heal

The Aircast AirSelect Short Walker Boot is a highly versatile orthopaedic boot that can be used for a variety of indications – everything from a broken foot, to a sprained ankle, to a bunionectomy. With adjustable aircell compression, it reduces pressure on your foot, provides comfort, and gives your injuries time to heal.

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