Waterjel Burn Dressings

Friday, 21 December 2012  |  Paul

Waterjel Burn Dressings are widely regarded as the best emergency first aid burn treatment available on the market. Not surprisingly the Waterjel Burn Dressings are commonly used in various environments, such as the Armed Forces, Emergency Medical Services, Formula One Motor Racing and the general public.

What makes Waterjel so unique?

Waterjel Burn Dressings offer more gel than normal dressings making them feel better for longer. The use of a medical-grade pad which carries the gel and applies it liberally to the burn injury does not apply to any other burn dressings.

A lot of the times people arrive in hospital with burns which have been exposed to dirt and have been negatively affected by common burn treatment products. Waterjel utilizes a thick water-based and water-soluble gel made of 96% water and doesn’t feature any active ingredients, so water gel can be washed off at hospital with ease without arising any complications.

One of the main problems burn victims are exposed to is hypothermia. Waterjel Products provide thermal cooling but will not get too cold and do not increase the risk of hypothermia.

Waterjel products stop the burning process, cool the burned area, offer pain relief and prevent further injury and harm.

Check out our range of waterjel dressings, the number one burn dressing worldwide!