Warm up your winter work out with equipment from Health and Care

Tuesday, 27 November 2012  |  Paul

Don’t let the thought of a cold, hard studio floor put you off your workout routine this winter. Health and Care stock a number of innovative products to help you keep up your fitness routine and make exercising in the coldest months more comfortable and enjoyable. 

The Toesox range is ideal for all floor based exercise; the socks come in a range of colours and with or without individual toes. Toesox feature a patented non-slip grip on the base allowing you to get the most out of any barefoot activity while keeping your feet warm and comfortable. The socks can also help to strengthen the muscles of your feet allowing for better overall circulation, balance and posture whilst allowing the entire foot to perform naturally. A good quality exercise mat will also help to keep you comfortable while exercising this winter. A thicker mat such as the Yoga-Mad Warrior Plus Yoga Mat offers extra comfort and cushioning against hard, cold floors with a luxury 6mm thickness.

 For something a little bit different the Fitness-Mad Sauna Suit will help you warm up your muscles and get you sweating during exercise. The innovative design o the suit seals heat in to keep you warm allowing you to make your work outs more challenging for better results whilst warding off the cold weather. The sauna suit is made from cutting edge, durable PU material that is PVC free and water and wind proof with a high quality design that resists tearing and seam blowouts.

Both during and after exercising you can warm yourself up with the convenient and practical Hotties Black Sports Back Wrap. The Hotties back wrap comes complete with a microwaveable thermal core which heats in minutes and stays warm for hours making it great for keeping you warm during your workout or to soothe and aches and pains afterwards. The back wrap is ideal for those who need both support and a safe solution to sports injuries or general aches and pains and is designed to allow you freedom of movement while wearing the wrap.

Winter work out accessories and equipment are available now from Health and Care with free delivery allowing you to carry on with your exercise routine through even the coldest months this winter.



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