Want a way to stay relaxed whilst getting fit? Then the WaterRower range that has just been added to Health and Care could be the answer!

Thursday, 2 April 2015  |  Paul

The WaterRower range of rowing machines are unique and stylish, unlike any other rowing machine on the market; the WaterRower is specifically designed to fit into your home as a statement piece. Not only has the range won awards for its innovative style, but the WaterRower has featured in US Golden Globe award winning drama House of Cards. The House of Cards rowing machine certainly has a distinctive style. Its use of beautiful materials from sustainable sources has gained the WaterRower a place in an exhibition at the London Design Museum, as well as this, the WaterRower is sold on the prestigious MOMA’s (Museum of Modern Art, New York) design website!

With so many exercise machines they are loud and disturb people so you have to choose when you can use them, this is not the case with the WaterRower Rowing Machine. The WaterRower is designed to be completely unintrusive – the first rowing machine to be silent except for the soothing sound of moving water, cleverly simulating the motion of rowing on a river/lake, the WaterRower is the closest you can get to rowing whilst being in the comfort of your own home!

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The WaterRower doesn’t just look good; it really is a great way of getting in shape. Unlike other aerobic exercises, although rowing has a lover lebel of exertion than other exercises it can burn up to 1000 calories per hour and works 84% of the muscle mass. Rowing is also perfect suffers of joint pain as it allows you to work out whilst ensuring no body weight is put on the joints.

When you purchase the WaterRower, you also get access to a huge range of added features such as training guides including online personal training/coaching services and We-Row; a community based training program allowing you to virtually train with others. You too can have the rowing machine used by Kevin Spacey in House of Cards!

So why not visit Health and Care and take a look at the WaterRowers today!