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Vype Refills: From As Little As £4.75 At Health and Care

Wednesday, 11 November 2015  |  John

Here at Health and Care, our aim is to deliver the products you need at the best possible price. One of the ways you can talk advantage of this is through our range of Vype refills. Our Vype refills, as well as being available individually can also be bought in bulk packs to help save you time and money. 

Why Buy In Bulk?

Our bulk-buy Vype refills offer fantastic value for money. With the Vype ePen caps, when you buy 6 packs, you pay £6.92 per pack with a saving of over £6 against buying them individually. And if you buy a pack of 12 Vype ePen caps you stand to save nearly £20!

There’s nothing worse than running out of Vype refills and having to wait for more to arrive. Buying in bulk eliminates this worry and enables you to have a handy supply of your favourite Vype refills whenever you need them. 

And because Vype refills have no shelf life, it doesn’t matter how frequently or infrequently you vape; everyone can take advantage of the discount and peace of mind buying Vype refills in bulk offers.

Available for Every Vype Refill Pack

But this deal isn’t just available for the Vype ePen caps. Every Vype refill on Health and Care is available to buy in larger quantities for amazing discounts. If you buy 12 packs of Vype eStick caps you stand to save over £16 compared with the individual prices. And if you’re a user of the Vype eTank, you can save over £14 when you buy 12 eLiquid bottles using our bulk buy system.

This amazing offer means that you’ll never be out of a refill of your favourite Vype flavour, and you can save a bundle when you need to reorder.

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Why Vype?

Vype are one of the leading names in e-cigarettes, and looking at their products it's easy to see why. Their three e-cigarettes, the Vype eStick, ePen and eTank are each designed to fulfill a specific vaping need.

The Vype eStick helps deliver a classic cigarette look without any of the nasty tar, carcinogens or second-hand smoke that tobacco cigarettes give off. And because the actual heating element of the Vype eStick is found in the cap and not the eStick itself, there's no risk of it wearing out over time.

The Vype ePen is a fantastic middle ground for people who want to step their vaping game up to the next level but still want the convenience and ease of use that cap-based e-cigarettes offer. It enables you to have greater control over your vaping experience without having to worry about liquids or manual refilling.

The Vype eTank is a fully fledged e-cigarette for hardcore vapers who want total control over their vaping experience. The eLiquid refills mean that you can combine flavors in the eTank to find the exact taste you're looking for.

If you want to start taking advantage of this fantastic offer, head on over to Health and Care and check out our full range of Vype refills and e-cigarettes and start saving today!