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Vype Pebble Now Available at Health and Care

Wednesday, 30 August 2017  |  Paul

Are you in love with vaping and constantly looking for new ways to improve your experience? Or are you just starting out and on the hunt for that perfect vaping device? Perhaps you're familiar with Vype e-cigarettes and want to try their newest clever creation? No matter what your reasons, the Vype Pebble is a must-try vaping device for anyone, now available at Health and Care. Skim over our short guide and find the answers to all the things you are most curious about.

Vype Pebble Colour Range

What Exactly is a Vype Pebble?

The Pebble is a cutting-edge, ergonomically designed e-cigarette device, created to offer the highest possible quality of vaping. Watch the video below to find out more from the founders themselves.

Get to Know Your Vype Pebble

Enjoying the Perfect Vape

First of all, make sure that your Pebble is fully charged before you use it for the first time, as this really will make the vape better. Once charged, simply pop your cartridge into the device, hold the on/off button for a second and start vaping.

It really is as simple as it sounds. If you don't believe us, check out this video.

The Pebble is designed to keep you safe at all times. If you vape for eight seconds straight, the light on the button of the Vype Peble will flash red and shut the device down, making you wait for ten seconds before you can use it again to prevent over-heating.

Another helpful feature includes the Pebble's ability to save battery. If you leave the device on its side for ten minutes, it will shut itself down automatically. 

Replacing the Cartridge

You can notice the cartridge needs replacing if you are either not getting any vapour at all, or if the flavour simply doesn't taste as nice as it did before. In this case, just remove the old cartridge from the unit and replace it with a new one.

Vype Pebble

Charging the Vype Pebble

The Pebble comes with a very useful light that shows how much battery you have left.

  • Green light: your battery is fully charged.
  • Amber light: your battery is running low.
  • Red light: you need to recharge the battery.
  • Flashing red: your battery is out of charge and will turn off.

If you have ever charged any USB device, we are certain you will have no problems with charging the Vype Pebble. Connect the USB charging cable to the USB port and insert the other end of the cable to the USB port of a computer, Vype USB charger, or a wall plug.

While the device is charging, the light will flash on and off and change colour from red to amber. Once it turns back green, the Pebble is ready to go. It only takes about one hour to fully charge the battery.

Is This Safe?

Both the Vype Pebble and all its flavour cartridges are made in the UK and certified to ISO 9001 and CE. The carefully selected flavouring ingredients are tested for inhalation, while both the e-liquids and vapour are thoroughly tested for safety to ensure consistent quality.

Choose Your Perfect Flavour

The Vype Pebble comes with a broad range of specially formulated flavours with high VG (60% - 90%) that guarantee that smooth, satisfying vapour. The e-liquids are available in various nicotine levels and the following flavours:

  • Fresh Apple - a mix of zesty green apples and mint leaves
  • Golden Tobacco - a tasty combination of golden tobacco and caramel undertones
  • Master Blend - the perfect blend of roasted tobacco with a nutty finish
  • Smooth Vanilla - a rich vanilla taste with hints of caramel
  • Tingling Mint - a refreshing symphony of mint and vanilla notes
  • Wild Berries - a sweet combination of fresh wild berries and vanilla undertones

To Help You Get Started

To help you get going on this new and exciting vaping journey, we offer a Vype Pebble Starter Kit that includes:

  • 1 x Pebble device
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Pebble user guide
  • 1 x Pebble cartridge Golden Tobacco

If, however, you know you'll love it from the start and are keen on trying some of the other flavours, we have also put together these money-saving packs: