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Vype eStick: A Beginner’s Guide

Thursday, 10 September 2015  |  John

The Vype eStick is a fantastic way to transition from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The eStick itself is designed to look like an ordinary cigarette and is incredibly easy to use.

How It Works

The Vype eStick works just like most other e-cigarettes. There are three main parts which make the Vype eStick work: the battery, the heating element and the eLiquid.

The battery powers the heating element, and when the eLiquid comes into contact with the hot heating element it turns into vapour.

The eStick

There are several components to the Vype eStick which makes it the fantastic e-cigarette it is.

The soft mouthpiece gives a comfortable feeling and allows the vapour to be directed. This is on the bottom of the eStick Tip, which holds the eLiqiud and the heating coil. This is connected to the battery by a bayonet fitting, which allows the Tip to be powered and you to charge it.

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The battery has been rigorously tested to ensure that it operates safely and does not overheat or overcharge. The battery also charges the LED on the bottom, which lights up when you puff on the eStick.

The Charging Case

The Vype eStick Starter Kit includes an on-the-go USB charging case. This allows you to charge the eStick when you’re out and about and securely holds the eStick when not in use so you can keep it charged and ready to use at any time. The pack’s battery lasts up to 5 days with normal use – getting you through the working week.

The eStick Tips

The eLiquid for the Vype eStick comes from the eStick Tips. These attach on to the bottom of the eStick, and with the design they look like the filter of a standard cigarette. 

Each eStick Tip contains enough eLiquid for about 200 puffs, and because it contains the heating element and is replaced when the fluid runs out, you can be sure that there won’t be any loss in performance of this vital part of the Vype eStick .


The eStick Tips come in a variety of different flavours to suit different taste buds:

  • Blended Tobacco – Smooth, toasted tobacco
  • Golden Tobacco – Smooth golden tobacco with a sweet caramel hint
  • Crisp Mint – A refreshing mint flavour
  • Dark Cherry – Deep but light dark cherry and red fruit
  • Infused Vanilla – Sweet and creamy vanilla and caramel
  • Fresh Apple – Zesty green apple and mint leaves
  • Vpure – a neutral liquid with no flavour

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Vype eStick, head on over to Health and Care and check out the Vype eStick Starter Kit.