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Video: Meet Stan The Model Skeleton

Thursday, 13 December 2012  |  Paul

Meet Stan The Model Skeleton

In this video, Paul takes a look at Stan the model skeleton in more detail. A full range of model skeletons is available on the Health and Care website.

Hello there! My name's Paul and this is Stan and we're from Health and Care. I should just warn you before we go on - Stan's not feeling too chatty today, are you Stan? So I'm going to be doing most of explaining.

Stan's a fantastic model skeleton at an affordable price. He's made up of over 200 bones and each one of those has been cast from a natural human skeleton, so the surface detail on Stan is very realistic.

He's even lucky enough to have the hyoid which is the lingual bone and the styloid process. So I think you can see from the look on his face, he's pretty chuffed with that level of detail.

First of all we're going to take a look at Stan's skull. This is held in place with a pin so all you need to do is pop that out and lift the skull off the top of the spine, making it ideal for demonstration purposes. You can actually purchase this skull separately; it's called the A20 skull and this is available on its own on the website. It's a really nice item.

The jaw is spring loaded so you can mimic natural movement. The eye sockets have got the optical canal in good detail just in there, and also the skull cap or calvaria is held in place with these two little latches, one on either side. All you need to do is flip those back and then open up the skull and you've got the cranial cavity in there in very good detail.

I'm going to pop this back on the top of Stan; it should only take a few seconds. As you can see it's very straighforward to put him back together.

Removing Stan's arms and legs is similarly straighforward as they have these quick release pin and screw mechanisms on the joints. When I put Stan together it took me about twenty minutes and it doesn't require any tools whatsoever. 

The skull is supplied in one piece. The torso is prebuilt for you so the ribcage doesn't require any of these screws or nails to be fitted. All you really need to do is put the arms on, attach them at the joints with these simple quick release screws, and put the legs together. They're supplied in two parts each and they're  just joined at the knee cap.

I'm just going to take off the left arm now so you can see how easy this is. All you need to do is unscrew the end, take the pin out and there you have it. The arm can be removed and replaced with ease.

Taking a closer look at the arm, the elbow joint is flexible, the wrist joint is flexible and the fingers can be manipulated. I wouldn't say it's a full range of motion, but it's certainly good enough for demonstration purposes.

I've taken off the leg as well so as you can see the knee joint has a good range of motion and it floats due to the nature of the bracket around the back of the knee cap. And the ankle can also be moved along with the toes. Once again, it's not a full range of motion but it's certainly good enough for demonstration purposes.

The cartilidge of Stan's ribcage is represented here with this hardwearing plastic. It has an internal frame and it's also held in place with these wires and pins making sure that it won't collapse in on itself and will also stand up to plenty of demonstrations.

Stan's safe, he's toxoligically harmless and because he's made of plastic and stainless steel, he's really easy to clean.

In a nutshell, Stan is the perfect model skeleton for students, teachers, practitioners and anybody interested in the human body. He only takes about twenty minutes or so to put together, you don't require any tools and at the end of that you've got a wonderful model skeleton with some great features.

That's really what makes Stan one of the best selling model skeletons in the world.

I really hope you've enjoyed meeting Stan today . And don't forget, you can always follow us Twitter, Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos and useful content. Thank's for watching and see you next time.