Vicair Pressure Relief Cushions

Monday, 2 February 2015  |  Paul

Introducing the new Vicair Pressure Relief Cushion range. These Pressure Relief Cushions offer “relief by air”, ultimate distribution of pressure, stable positioning comfort and on top of everything else, a simple and reliable solution.

All of the cushions in the Vicair Pressure Relief Cushion range provide:

  • Pressure reduction
  • Positioning
  • Are lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean

Vicair Technology has been developed with the use of special SoftCells. These are small air filled, pyramid shaped cells which are contained in deliberately placed compartments. These SoftCells are what makes the Vicair pressure relief cushion range really stand out, they are flexible, fabric coated and have a low friction level. This comes in extremely handy as when they are in contact with each other they continuously adapt and conform to the body’s contours. SoftCells are what makes the Vciar range great and provide a dynamic seating surface that can be adjusted to accommodate a range of postural asymmetries.

I hope that this blog will help to illustrate the differences between the various Vicair Pressure Relief Cushions and hopefully it will enable you to find the correct choice for you.

Included in the Vicair Pressure Relief Range:

This pressure sore cushion provides added pelvic stability with an anatomically contoured seat surface for optimal immersion and functionality. The side compartments offer increased stability for the pelvis and prevent external rotation of the thighs, while the front sections stabilise the thighs, preventing internal rotation.

Vicair Academy Adjuster Pressure Relief Cushion

The Vicair Adjuster pressure sore cushion model offers high performance pressure re-distribution with the ability to create an individual solution for clients with severe functional and/ or anatomical body asymmetry. The pressure care cushion consists of five compartments, each adjustable in cell density. 

Vicair Academy Twin Pressure Relief Cushion

This entry level pressure care cushion cushion is ideal for general use. Divided into two sections, the rear compartment has fewer cells than the front in order to provide effective pressure and shear reduction. The Twin is available in 6 and 10cm heights. The Twin 10 is recommended for clients with severe body asymmetry

Vicair Academy Positioner Plus Pressure Relief Cushion

The four section design of the Vicair Academy Positioner Plus Pressure Sore Cushion offers additional lateral stability which is achieved by the incorporation of side compartments. These compartments run from front to back providing optimal thigh support and prevent external rotation of the legs. The Positioner Plus Pressure Care Cushion is available on 6 and 10cm heights.

The Vicair Academy XXtra Bariatric Pressure Sore Cushion is based on the Adjuster with similar features but is available in sizes up to 30x30”/ 750x750mm. This cushion also offers an impressive user weight of 78.7 stone/ 500kg and is still light weight, providing a safe and stable support surface.

Vicair Academy Centre Relief Pressure Relief Cushion

Designed specifically for use following procedures such as perianal surgery, difficult childbirth or for clients suffering with localised deep pressure ulcers. The SoftCells in this 10cm height pressure sore cushion can be removed from the centre circle section to avoid contact with the skin, while the cushion still retains overall stability and pressure reduction.

The Vicair Academy Multi Functional Seat Pressure Sore Cushion evolved from the Academy Adjuster model, with the rear longer, making it possible for the cushion to be used in wheelchairs that are depth adjustable. The  Vicair Academy Multi Functional Seat Cushion is ideal for those at 'very high risk' of pressure sores and for clients with severe functional and/ or anatomical body asymmetry.