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Vasyli Pro 3/4 Length Insoles

Wednesday, 12 November 2014  |  Paul

It’s the end of the day and there are no seats left on the train, you’re tired and stressed but worst of all your feet are aching with arch pain and burning heels. If this sounds familiar and you find yourself suffering from over pronation or alignment issues when in your work shoes or day to day, you may benefit from a pair of insoles. Insoles such as the Vasyli Pro 3/4 Length Insoles are designed to support the arch and the foots natural alignment and help people with mild over pronation.
The Vasyli Pro 3/4 Insoles have been designed for use in a variety of footwear, from casual trainers to leather work shoes. They fit best into footwear that has a removable innersole and is a popular orthotic solution. Vasyli 3/4 Insoles are perfect for people requiring mild support for over pronation and and functional control. By their design Vasyli Insoles should improve alignment of the feet and body which can help with many common complaints such as general arch pain and pains in the heel, legs, and back.
Our feet are designed to walk on soft natural surfaces, but of course in the modern world we spend most of our time pounding pavements or hard surfaces which subsequently make our feet react in different ways. The typical movement of the human foot starts with ground contact from the outside edge of the heel (shoes will often wear down on this edge) rolling inwards to gain ground contact, whilst our arches flatten and flex with each step. Over pronation occurs when the foot rolls in ‘excessively’ during this movement, which happens in over 50% of people. Wearing supportive shoes and adding insoles such as Vasyli are measures designed to aid comfort and support for mild over pronators.
  • One great design features of the Vasyli Pro Insoles is that there is no moulding or cutting required, simply slip them into your shoes and you’re away.
  • Vasyli Insoles come in six sizes from XS – XL so you’re sure to get the perfect fit.
  • Vasyli 3/4 Length Insoles are designed to help re-align the feet and reduce the tension on the ligaments - taking away the common cause of heel pain.
  • The Vasyli Pro Insoles  feature a lateral cutaway to give an 'easyfit' into slim or tricky to fit shoes.
  • The insoles include a deep heel seat for optimal comfort and fit within in the shoe.
You can buy the Vasyli Pro 3/4 Length Insoles from us via this link Vasyli 3/4 Insoles for £44.99 with FREE fast UK delivery. For you high heel addicts, you can also get a slim fit version of the Vasyli Pro 3/4 Length Insole from the Health and Care website called Vasyli Pro Slim Fit Insoles especially designed for women’s court/high heeled shoes for £42.99.