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Vapourlites are Changing Their Name to Vapour

Tuesday, 2 January 2018  |  John

If you've been using a Vapourlites e-cigarette or e-liquid for a long time, you may have noticed that the branding has changed slightly. This is because, due to recent legislation surrounding e-cigarettes, Vapourlites have changed their name to Vapour. If you’re wondering what this means to you, the answer is not a lot – everything about the devices and liquids you love is exactly the same, just with a new name.

Why are Vapourlites Changing to Vapour?

Due to recent e-cigarette legislation (known as the Tobacco Products Directive, or TPD), a number of e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers have had to alter their marketing and branding. Unfortunately, Vapourlites is one of those manufacturers, and are required to change their name to be compliant. Fortunately, this makes no change to the content or quality of the product you receive, just the name on the box.

What Will the Change Mean for My Vapourlites E-Cigarette?

Thankfully, the changeover from Vapourlites to Vapour means very little for you or your Vapourlites e-cigarette. All existing Vapourlites e-cigarettes are fully compatible with their Vapour counterparts, and to help make the transition as easy as possible for our loyal Vapourlites customers, we’ve updated our Vapourlites listings to Vapour. This helps you ensure that you’re getting the same great product as before.

Vapourlites Are Changing To Vapour
An example of the old Vapourlites branding (left) and the new Vapour branding (right)

Please note that as this transition takes place, you may receive either a Vapourlites item or a Vapour item as our stock changes over. Rest assured that there is no difference between these two items – the only change is in the name.

The Newly Available Vapour Products

If you’re unsure about which Vapour product is the same as your existing hardware or favourite e-liquid or cartomiser, check out the full list of Vapour products below:

Starter Kits:




If you have any questions about this changeover, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 020 7720 2266 or at helpdesk@healthandcare.co.uk for more information.