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Vapourlite E Liquid E Cigarettes

1 CommentTuesday, 2 September 2014  |  Paul

With “Vape” recently added to the Oxford Dictionary it really is an exciting time for “Vapers” around with new flavours frequently appearing within the E liquid market.

Ranging from the standard tobacco and menthol e liquid to the more taste specific Vapourlite Strawberry Electric E Liquid or even Vapourlite Black Jack E Liquid, the array of flavours really does leave you with a vast amount of options when choosing your Vapourlite E liquid. It must though be understood that not all flavours undergo the rigorous testing phases offered by some manufacturers with some Vapourlite E liquids failing to adhere to the industry standard and therefore they may lack flavouring. I am hoping to run you through a few of my personal favourite Vapourlite E liquid flavours which most certainly have been approved for use and are now available at Health and

If you are looking to buy Vapourlite E liquid one of my recommendations for those trying an Vapourlite E liquid mix for the first time would be to opt for something mainstream but away from the traditional tobacco E Liquid and menthol E liquid strands in order to fully experience the flavours on offer. Sometimes referred to as “e cig juice”, “electronic cigarette liquid” or “e cigarette liquid” it is quite important that you get a gauge of your options before making a decision on your E-juice and electronic cigarette starter kit. Through Health and Care you are also sure to obtain your E liquid with UK free delivery without having to fuss over a minimum spend and you can also purchase your Vapourlites Refills without having to worry.

A first recommendation from me would therefore be the Vapourlites Chocomel E-liquid – subtle in its chocolate taste although very prominent in terms of the aftertaste leaving you with a brief chocolate sensation. Maybe not the perfect fit for the chocolate loving individual but most certainly one to try for new “Vapers”. With the Vapourlites’ options ranging from 0mg to 18mg and a wide range of offers available on purchases of more than one I would certainly give this a go. If you would like to mix and match E liquid flavours just drop Health and Care a call.

A second recommendation which I would most definitely give a go is the Caffeine Vape Stix, for those who feel slightly dreary in the mornings this is the ideal item to give you that extra psychological edge. With a small yet effective 0.2mg dose of caffeine you will certainly not end up hooked on this product as I initially feared.  Having trialled this as a replacement for a morning energy drink, I would say you that you should not have the same injection as an energy drink although you most certainly will feel that extra edge without the health implications some energy drinks can cause.

My final suggestion would be the Vapourlites Vanilla Pod E-liquid – very different to your standard vanilla smoke. The Vapourlites Vanilla Pod E-liquid offers a creamy flavour reminiscent of a vanilla hot chocolate, oozing with a rich burst of flavour and I would hope that you are not disappointed as I certainly was not! Complementing this with a hot drink proved quite favourable for me and with the winter months looming this is most definitely one of the Vapourlites E-liquids to opt for in those cold times. The E liquid recipe behind Vapourlites have led to the creation of brand which I feel factors in electronic cigarette safety but also factors in customer choice through its wide range of E liquid flavours.

I hope these recommendations prove helpful to you as we continue to embrace the growth of “Vaping” within the UK. If you are interested in trying these flavours I would suggest starting with the below:

Vapourlites Starter Kit