Understanding the Signolux Visual Signal Alert System

Friday, 1 July 2016  |  John

For the hard of hearing, life can be incredibly difficult at times. Without the ability to hear properly, their home can start to feel like a prison – being unable to know what’s going on in their home just by listening can make life isolating and distressing at times.

The Signolux Visual Signal Alert System is a great solution to this issue. It enables the hard of hearing to utilise wireless technology to know what is happening in their homes.

Transmit and Receive

For the Signolux system to work two main components are needed – a transmitter and a receiver. 

Transmitters detect events such as a phone ringing, a doorbell, smoke and more. When triggered, they send a signal to a receiver which uses light, sound and/or vibrations to alert the user.

Each transmitter detects a different event, and a range of different receivers are available which fulfill a different need. For example, the Signolux Visual Signal Alert System Portable Receiver is a small receiver which can be carried around the home in a pocket or on a belt and uses vibrations to alert the user.

The Signolux Visual Signal Alert System Receiver, on the other hand, utilises bright light and loud 90dB sound to alert, and is great for use in a fixed position.

Detect a Range of Events

Up to 8 transmitters can be connected to any one receiver, enabling a range of different things in the home to be detected.

The Signolux Direct Universal Transmitter, for example, will tie directly into existing doorbell systems, enabling you to keep your existing doorbell while still knowing when it’s being rung. Or it could be connected to a BT phone line to alert you when the telephone rings.

Modular System – Add To It As You Like

The Signolux system is fully modular – receivers and transmitters can be added and removed as needed. This means that you don’t need to replace your whole system just to detect a new thing in your home.

Because it’s modular, you don’t need to buy more than you need. If you find that you just want a smoke alarm and a telephone detector but don’t need a doorbell, you just need to get a smoke alarm and a telephone detector – nothing more or less than you need.

You can even add modules to receivers to get exactly the type of alerts you need. The Vibrating Pillow Pad can be connected to any receiver, enabling you to get a vibration alert at night to ensure you wake up when alerted.

If you’re interested in getting started with the Signolux Visual Signal Alert System, head on over to Health and Care and take a look at our full range of Signolux products.

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