Two Wheels On Ice

Friday, 21 December 2012  |  Paul

A word of caution for all the two wheeled enthusiasts out there this Christmas.

If you are already mad enough to continue to be riding these days as the temperature plummets, it is worth remembering that the already clear and present danger of motorcycling is only going to be exacerbated with every passing day as we plunge into winter.

Beware those frozen puddles that form in the potholed riddled streets of Britain riders! They can give you quite a fright.. And never underestimate the slipperiness of those pesky metal grates and painted white lines (which as I’m sure you know readers are perilous at the best of times) they really are a nightmare when silly Mr Jack decides to coat them with lashings of frost.
Speaking of lashings, as we approach Christmas with the anticipation of all the wondrous food and drink, I urge you all not to risk it out there after a few! If the white lines on the road look a bit wobblier than usual, then that’s a sign that you’ve had it basically.

I speak from experience you see - not the drinking and driving aspect of course – but of having ‘had it’ in these perilous conditions before.
Christmas Day 2006 it was when I was pottering along nicely until I was maliciously targeted by an icy patch on a hill. Needless to say, I lost and ended up on the deck with my arm trapped and being slid down the hill in between a hot engine and an icy cold road! I enjoyed Christmas with a sprained and slightly mangled arm.

If you don’t fancy getting caught out like that then take care folks!