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Tumble Forms 2: Vestibular Therapy and Sensory Integration for Children

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Physical therapy can be daunting at any age, but for children and young adults it can be a terrifying experience. Tumble Forms 2 have created a range of products that have been designed to boost vestibular therapy and sensory integration in ways that are both fun and engaging. 

The Tumble Forms 2 range includes a wide range of equipment designed to stimulate movement, improve balance, and encourage interaction in young individuals. Whether used as part of therapeutic treatment in a professional environment or installed in the home for therapy in a familiar environment, the range of seats, swings, balance boards, and chairs can encourage a significant improvement in sensory response. To make it easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for, here at we've put together this guide to the different kinds of Tumble Forms 2 equipment available.

Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II System

One of the most popular Tumble Forms 2 products is the Deluxe Vestibulator II System. It provides suspension without requiring any fixed installation, allowing it to be easily adjusted to accommodate the individual needs of each child. The free-standing unit provides vestibular, neurodevelopmental, and sensory integrational therapy, assisting users with vertical stimulation and direction flexion, linear acceleration, rotational experiences, and complete range-of-motion exercises.

In order to make the Deluxe Vestibulator II system as flexible and beneficial for each child as possible, a range of accessories and additions are available. The following add-ons can be used to transform the Deluxe Vestibulator II for more tailored therapy:

  • Extra-Long Platform Swing: combines the fun of swinging with effective therapy; longer length allows children to lie down during sessions
  • Flexidisk: provides versatile therapy with 360° rotation; enables both vertical and rotational stimulation at the same time
  • Horse Roll: large cylindrical shape for safe and easy swinging; suitable for use by both child and therapist for greater interaction
  • Net Swing with Positioning Seat: lightweight seat swing for versatile swinging; hygienic materials with easy manoeuvrability
  • Safety Matimproves safety when placed underneath the system; 50mm soft foam material for safety and comfort

You can view all of these accessories and more in our Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II System category.

Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II System
Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II System
with Swing and Safety Mat

Tumble Forms 2 Balance Equipment

An ability to balance is an integral part of development for children, and with the Tumble Forms 2 range of balance equipment this can be encouraged in a fun and interactive environment. The six-foot reversible Balance Beam, for example, is particularly versatile with encouraging children to exercise while improving stability and developing coordination; it's ideal for use in hospitals, at clinics, or even in school.

For children unable to walk or move around freely, the Barrel Crawl/Roll Trainer is a stellar option. It provides rhythmic exercise while increasing muscle tone and balance, encouraging children to learn to crawl or walk. The Jettmobile Scooter provides a similar support, while developing upper extremity strength, and focusing coordination therapy on the neck, shoulders, and arms. 

Tumble Forms 2 Barrel Roll/Crawl Trainer
Tumble Forms 2 Barrel Crawl/Roll Trainer

Tumble Forms 2 Positioning Aids

Many children may be unable or too young to support their own body, and this is where the Tumble Forms 2 Positioning Aids come in. From antimicrobial Raised Rolls for combined stability and positioning to the Tadpole Paediatric Positioner for babies and very young children, there is a versatile range of positioning aids to suit virtually any situation.

The Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander, available in both TriStander 45 and TriStander 58 models, provides a versatile approach to positioning that grows with the child for ongoing support. It encourages standing while facilitating weight bearing on the feet, reducing abnormal muscle tone and assisting with hip and knee alignment. It also provides psychological benefits by stimulating cognitive activity, encouraging communication, and improving face-to-face socialising. 

Tumble Forms 2 Tadpole Paediatric Positioning Aid
Tumble Forms 2 Tadpole Paediatric Positioner

Tumble Forms 2 Chairs and Seating

In addition to receiving vestibular therapy, many children and young people also require more support on a daily basis. With this in mind, the Tumble Forms 2 Chairs and Seating range has been created. The range combines comfortable and convenient floor seats such as the Mobile Floor Sitter and the Deluxe Square Module Seating System with more complex units such as the Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Potty Seat and Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat for support during toileting and feeding respectively.

Many of the Tumble Forms 2 seating options are also available with add-on accessories for optional added benefits. Covers can be added for improved hygiene, while trays can be installed for improved independence with feeding and for encouraging play and creativity without compromise to the individual's ability to remain well-supported while seated.

Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Potty Seat
Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Potty Seat

Tumble Forms 2 Bathroom Equipment

Where additional support is required around the home, the Tumble Forms 2 Bathroom Equipment provides the Tumble Forms Starfish Bath Chair. This padded chair is available in four sizes, suitable for babies through to adolescents, and can be adjusted to allow for the most comfortable and practical positioning in the bath. It also folds flat for convenience, allowing it to be stored away when not in use. Improving bath time for both child and adult, it is a versatile and functional approach to easing the bathing process where restrictions may otherwise be present.

Tumble Forms 2 Starfish Bath Chair
Tumble Forms 2 Starfish Bath Chair

View the Full Tumble Forms 2 Range

If you would like to see the full range of Tumble Forms 2 products available from, please head to the Tumble Forms 2 category. There you will find the range divided into easy-to-navigate sub-categories for your convenience.

Have anything to add? Why not leave us a comment below, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!

Tags: Brand Focus, Sensory Furniture, Sensory Toys

Shop Related Products

Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II Extra-Long Platform Swing
  • Long swing for the Tumble Forms 2 Vestibulator II System
  • Features an extra-long and forgiving rectangular platform
  • Allows for a range of effective and versatile therapies
  • Extra length allows child to lie down during therapy

Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II Flexidisk
  • Disk swing for the Tumble Forms 2 Vestibulator II System
  • Features a circular platform and roll for easy grip
  • Allows for a range of effective and versatile therapies
  • Made with lightweight, hygienic and safe materials

Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II Horse Roll
  • Roll swing for the Tumble Forms 2 Vestibulator II System
  • Large size to provide safety and fun to users
  • Allows for a range of effective and versatile therapies
  • Made with lightweight, hygienic and safe materials

Tumble Forms 2 Balance Beam
  • Six foot reversible balance beam
  • Made from durable, non-slip material
  • Helps to improve balance, co-ordination and posture
  • Excellent for therapeutic use

Tumble Forms 2 Barrel Crawl/Roll Trainer
  • Develops a child's balance and co-ordination
  • Encourages child to learn to walk or crawl
  • Helps tone muscles that would otherwise be dormant
  • Excellent therapy and rehabilitation tool

Tumble Forms 2 Jettmobile Scooter
  • Allows children to safely explore their immediate environment
  • Helps develop upper extremity strength and muscle
  • Develops co-ordination of the neck, shoulders and arms
  • Available in two sizes: Adolescent and Child

Tumble Forms 2 Raised Rolls
  • Combines positioning options of a roll with stability of a wedge
  • Anti-microbial design for effective hygiene maintenance
  • Impermeable, non-stick and non-toxic seamless coating
  • Four size options to best suit your needs

Tumble Forms 2 Tadpole Paediatric Positioner Full Kit
  • Ideal for home or clinic use
  • Supplied with convenient carry bag
  • For prone, seated and side lying positioning
  • Effective therapy for infants up to age three

Tumble Forms 2 Mobile Floor Sitter
  • Combines the Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat and Mobile Base
  • Ideal for transporting those with developmental delay and cerebral palsy
  • Provides support and posture assistance while allowing some mobility
  • Suitable for use as an alternative to a wheelchair or stander

Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Square Module Seating System
  • Positioning system for children with neurological impairments
  • Provides therapeutic benefits through support and positioning
  • Comes complete with eight unique pieces and a base
  • Made with easy to clean, non-toxic materials

Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Potty Seat
  • Designed to meet the toileting needs of children and small adults
  • Positions legs to encourage bowel functions
  • Can be used over toilets or as a free-standing commode
  • Ideal for clinical, school or home use

Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat
  • Provides comfort, support and good posture to children
  • Ideal for children with poor motor control
  • Can be combined with a range of accessories for added versatility
  • Practical and supportive alternative to a wheelchair or stander

Tumble Forms 2 Three-in-One TriStander
  • Allows therapist to experiment with various postures
  • Unique design allows prone, supine and vertical standing
  • Foot operated pneumatic tilt mechanism
  • Available in two sizes with or without a tray

Tumble Forms Starfish Bath Chair
  • Fully height and angle adjustable
  • Features padded support for extra comfort
  • Made with soft machine washable mesh fabric
  • Available in four sizes for babies to adolescents