Try And See the Benefits of Trion:Z

Thursday, 10 September 2015  |  Paul

We’re feeling extra positive at Health and Care today thanks to a nifty little gadget known as Trion:Z. These CE Mark Class 1 Medical Devices may be little but their magical magnets pack quite a punch when it comes to beating pain and strain and keeping you on top. So keep positive by filling your life with the negative...ions, that is.

Strong as Ion

You may not know much about these things that can’t be seen, touched, smelt or tasted but ions are simply atoms that hold an electrical charge. Invisible “things”

 that make up the world’s “stuff”, your scientific understanding of ions need only extend to knowing that some of them are positive and some of them are negative. And that positive ions are bad and negative ions are good. So when Trion:z says they increase your negative ions, it’s a positive thing, really.

Mother nature has provided an abundant supply for negative ions for our bodies to thrive on, from forests and plant life to rivers but our increasingly digital lives have led to water being replaced by wifi, forests by phone signals. An extra boost in our negative ions can make a huge difference when it comes to combating pain, fatigue and a natural sense of healthiness.

So What Precisely Does Trion-Z do?

Slipping on a Trion:Z bracelet  leads to the body reacting in a number of ways:

  • High strength (Gauss) Magnets generate Negative ions to encourage an increase in blood flow and oxygen to all areas of the body
  • Areas that are in pain benefit from an increase in white and red blood cells
  • Anti-inflammatory white blood cells lessen swelling and oxygen-rich red blood cells remove pain-causing toxins
  • This ultimately gives a decrease in pain and a faster recovery
  • For sporting men and women, positive ions manifest in lactic acid and negative ions can lead to faster recovery after sport.

All this from a simple wristband no larger than a wrist watch!

Animal Magnetism 

The idea of ion-balancing magnets isn’t anything new, magnet therapy has long been used with animals such as race horses, where magnet-lined blankets and supports are used to encourage a speedier recovery. Trion:Z even produces its own range of collars for poorly pooches with results that reveal that they’re far more than merely a pet placebo.

See Our Full Range of Trion Z Products

Magnets have a long history of being used for therapeutic applications, even the 1980 Winter Olympics had a malicious magnet episode in which the Russian team were supposedly “overdosed” on positive ions. Plagued by regular headaches and dizziness thanks to their American rivals reportedly rigging their living quarters with a positive ion generator, the Russians lost the match that might have otherwise earned them the gold medal. While it’s unlikely that your rivals will be looking to disrupt your performance with a steady stream of positive ions, you can be certain that Trion:z are looking to take you to the top of your game with an effective source of negative ions thanks to their nifty wrist bands. 

With a range of models, colours and styles and compact design that doesn’t need to compromise your style or your performance to help give you the edge, Trion:Z already has a huge number of professional, celebrity fans, and even more happy customers. Ready to join them? Then head over to our great range and try Trion:Z for yourself!

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