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Top Ten Christmas Gifts from Health and Care

Saturday, 17 November 2012  |  Naomi

In the first of our ‘Top Ten’ lists we’ll look at some great products that are perfect for this time of year.  Christmas lights have been switched on across the country and although it may seem too early, there’s no problem in getting ahead of the game and start thinking about what to buy for your loved ones. So here is the list of Health and Care’s Top Ten gifts for Christmas.

1.       Wireless TV Listener – For many families, the Christmas period tends to revolve around the TV. Whether you choose Strictly Come Dancing Special or the Queen’s Speech, families will be sitting down to watch the TV together. For those in the family who are deaf or hard of hearing and struggle to hear the TV, the Wireless TV Listener is a great gift. The Wireless TV Listener enables someone who is hard of hearing to hear the TV clearly while others watching can still listen at their normal volume. So no more arguments about television volume, the Wireless TV Listener is a gift that will be used long after the festivities of Christmas are over.

2.       Isotoner Smartouch Touchscreen Gloves  - A fantastic stocking filler, these Touchscreen gloves work with touchscreen phones and tablets and they won’t break the bank! Normal gloves do not work with items such as iPhones and iPads and using one of these outside in winter can be a pretty cold experience. With special material in the thumb and index finger, these Touchscreen Gloves can be used with iPhones, iPads and many more touchscreen gadgets.

3.       Slanket – It’s the best combination for a cosy Christmas, the Slanket is a blanket with sleeves! Yes you heard it right. Has there ever been a cosier item invented? I doubt it very much. The Slanket is back with a vengeance this Christmas with 11 great colours including a Polka Dot pattern and even a Binary pattern, for the geeks among us.

4.       Amplipower 50 Amplified Telephone This is not just any telephone, the Amplipower 50 is the loudest telephone in the world. With a staggering receiver volume of up to 60db, this leaves other phones quaking in their boots. To put it into perspective, the Amplipower 50 phone is 6 to 8 times louder than a normal phone. The phone is also hearing aid compatible and comes with large clear buttons for people who are visually impaired. It is an ideal gift for those who are hard of hearing or deaf and who struggle to hear their current phone.

5.       Triggerpoint The Grid Foam Roller A great gift for fitness fanatics or someone keen to get fit in January is the Grid Foam Roller. This revolutionary foam roller is the most comprehensive and versatile foam roller on the market. Foam rolling is perfect for a complete body workout and also for massaging large muscle groups such as the quads or lats. Used by professional athletes including Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington, the Triggerpoint The Grid Foam Roller is the new fitness must have. Choose from sleek black or funky orange to shake up anyone’s fitness routine.

6.       The Bed Relaxer – The Bed Relaxer Bed Wedge is a perfect gift for young and old. Whether you like to read in bed or watch the TV, the Bed Relaxer Bed Wedge raises you up in bed so you can read a book or watch the TV in comfort. The Bed Wedge can be used as a comfortable cushion for sitting upright or as a wedge to raise you up whilst lying down. Available in white, pink and blue the Bed Relaxer Bed Wedge will fit into any bedroom colour scheme.

7.       Cuddle Dry Baby Bath TowelA wonderful gift for parents and their new baby, the Cuddle Dry Baby Bath Towel is a unique hooded apron towel for a safe, simple and snug bath time. The hooded part of the towel is for baby, while the large apron part of the towel is for mum or dad, keeping parent’s hand free and baby warm and dry! The super soft organic cotton is gentle against baby’s skin and is available in white, pink, oatmeal, blue and cowprint. Long and luxurious, the Cuddle Dry Baby Bath towel cocoons baby for a stress-free bath time.

8.       Candy Cane Walking Stick If you could eat walking sticks, you would find the Candy Cane Walking Stick irresistible. This brilliantly coloured walking stick is the perfect gift for someone with a flair for fashion. The elegantly shaped Derby handle is comfortable to hold and as it is made from acrylic it is soft and smooth to touch. The Derby style handle means the user can hook the walking stick over their arm when it is not in use. The Candy Cane Walking Stick is also adjustable in height so whoever you are buying for, you don’t need to worry if it is going to be too long or short for them. Available in four pastel shades; pink, lilac, blue and green.

9.       Hotrox Handwarmer Another perfect stocking filler, this little gadget is so handy you’ll want one for yourself! The Hotrox Handwarmer is a great new way of keeping your hands warm throughout the winter months. What sets the Hotrox apart from its rivals is that the Hotrox can be recharged to use over and over again. Recharge the Hotrox by plugging into your wall using its mains adaptor or plug into any USB port. Don’t worry about the Hotrox Handwarmer going cold whilst you’re on the move, the Hotrox provides warmth for up to 6 hours so you’ll always be warm and cosy.

10.   McKenzie Lumbar Support Cushions If you know someone who is travelling over the Christmas period or will be spending a lot of time sitting, they may just find a McKenzie Lumbar Support is what they need. Back pain is one of the most common health complaints and poor posture has a lot to answer for when it comes to causing back pain. The McKenzie Airback Lumbar Roll folds to fit into a handbag so is ideal for travel. Lumbar rolls can prevent and relive back pain caused by poor posture.

All of the above items are available to buy now from Health and with free delivery.