Top Products for Preventing and Treating Heel Pressure Sores

Thursday, 18 December 2014  |  Paul

Heel pressure sores can develop when a person is immobile due to injury or disability and has to spend a majority of their time lying down in bed. The heel is a bony area with limited natural padding which makes it an area which quickly becomes uncomfortable when mobility is greatly restricted and leads to an increased risk of pressure sores. Depending on budget and severity of the condition there are a number of different styles of boots and heel protectors to help prevent and treat this area.

Heel Pressure Relief Fleece Protectors (Pair) £19.99

Heel Pressure Relief Fleece Protectors are ideal for providing extra comfort and protection to the vulnerable heel area. The thick wool pile of the Fleece Heel Protector Boots is superbly comfortable and provides excellent pressure relief. They are a very easy to use and cost effective option.

Heelift Suspension Boot £49.99

The Heelift Suspension Boot effectively eliminates pressure from the heel by offloading all pressure from the heel and redistributing the pressure to the calf, preventing the development of heel pressure ulcers. It gently cradles and cushions the lower leg while keeping the heel in a protected space, reducing the chances of irritation or pressure points.

Heel Pro Heel Protection Boot £56.99

The Heel Pro Heel Protection Boot is a simple way to prevent and manage heel pressure ulcers. The generous low friction cushioning provides excellent protection for heel traumas, and the heel aperture allows for pressure offloading and skin inspection.

Heelbo Foot Elevator £63.99

The Heelbo Foot Elevator is made from quality dense polyurethane foam which resists bottoming out and has an adjustable plantar strap to secure the foot and permanently attached fasteners that are guaranteed not to fall off. The Heelbo Foot Elevator features an octagonal design which maintains space between heel and bed to prevent skin break-down and keeps the foot in the correct position.

Pressure Relief AFO £299.99

The Pressure Relief AFO is a formed plastic shell which helps to prevent heel pressure sores from developing by removing pressure from the heel and improving air circulation. The Pressure Relief AFO features an adjustable sole plate and adjustable bar for control of external/internal rotation.

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