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Top Diabetic Foot Care Products

Saturday, 10 January 2015  |  Paul

Diabetes can cause a lack of blood flow to feet which can lead to serious foot problems. Diabetic feet can often suffer from shearing forces, friction and pressure which can lead to the development of ulcers and skin break down. Those who suffer from Diabetes related problems in their feet are often at risk of serious infection and even gangrene if the condition is not managed properly. It is important to take special care when looking after the diabetic foot to protect them from sores and infection.

Silipos Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks (Pair) £13.99

The Silipos Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks provide optimum protection for the neuropathic feet (nerve damaged feet caused by diabetes). The Silipos Arthritis and Diabetic Gel Socks help reduce friction, abrasion, and shear forces while preventing the formation of calluses. They also help to prevent foot ulceration. They serve as soft tissue supplements or replacements for fat pad atrophy (the wearing thin of the fatty pad underneath the ball of the foot) and have a non-restrictive cuff so as not to inhibit circulation and reduce the likelihood of ulcer formation.

Vasyli Armstrong Diabetic Orthotic Insoles £54.99

The Vasyli Armstrong Diabetic Orthotic Insoles are unique orthotics that are a revelation for sufferers of diabetes and have been professionally designed by the Vasyli think tank team. Where conventional footwear and insole technology fails to address the key problem areas for the diabetic foot, the Vasyli Armstrong Diabetic Orthotic Insoles does so effectively.

The Vasyli Armstrong Diabetic Orthotic Insoles address the key problems that diabetic feet suffer from -shearing forces, friction and pressure. By utilizing patented Glidesoft technology, this unique combination of construction and materials has been scientifically shown to reduce shear pressure in the forefoot area by 50% and dramatically reduce the onset of plantar ulcers, when compared to conventional diabetic insoles.

Procare Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe £67.99

The Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe is specifically designed to off-load the ulcerated area of the foot during the treatment of diabetic ulcers. It includes a Tri-laminate IMPAX grid insole which is designed to redistribute load away from ulcers with easy to remove IMPAX foam blocks. The IMPAX Grid allows for a continuous plantar surface. The shoe contains a lightweight breathable material which enhances patients comfort and promotes compliance. The squared toe box and wide foot bed leave ample room for wound dressings. The Diabetic Shoe has a removable reinforced toe cover that protects the toes from external aggression, while allowing easy access to the treatment area. The rocker bottom helps to redistribute the weight of the patient throughout the plantar surface and off-load the wound area.

1000 Mile Diabetic Sock £13.99

The 1000 Mile Diabetic Sock offers total comfort and increased protection against blistering. It features thick loop stitched padded areas in the sole, toe and heel to give a cushioned fit whilst a light upper panel keeps the foot cool. The toe seam is ultra-smooth, so no rubbing or abrasions. The light, open weave of the calf is ergonomically shaped to aid circulation.

Health and Care Diabetic Heel Relief Orthosis £149.99

The Health and Care Diabetic Heel Relief Orthosis is an innovatively designed Diabetic ankle foot orthosis with a fully aerated heel and adjustable sole plate making this a very effective and comfortable brace. It has been designed specifically for Diabetic users and those with sensitive or broken skin in the foot and features comfort liners allowing comfortable support of the heel.

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