Top Alternative Therapy Products and Asian Medical Equipment from Health and Care

Wednesday, 4 June 2014  |  Paul

New in at Health and Care is our expanding range of alternative therapy equipment. We now stock a range of products for traditional and ancient medical practices from the East such as cupping and acupuncture. Although these practices are still considered as alternative and uncommon they are always growing in popularity as the therapy techniques reach new audiences.

Premium Gua Sha Set £54.99

Gua Sha is a form of massage involving scraping the skin in certain ways which is believed in Chinese medicine to promote healing. This is a comprehensive 9 piece set with everything you need for use during Gua Sha therapy including 6 different shapes of massage tool, oil and cream.

DONGBANG Smokeless Stick on Moxa £22.99

Moxibustion is an ancient Chinese therapy which is conducted by burning moxa which is placed on certain points of the body and aims to improve circulation. The DONGBANG Smokeless Stick on Moxa is ideal for beginners as they are smokeless and odour-free and can be used without the need for needles.

Meridius Cupping Set with Pump and Tube £68.99

Cupping therapy is another form of ancient Chinese medicine which is similar to moxibustion in theory as it is believed to improve blood flow and healing in the areas which the suction is applied. The Meridius Cupping Set with Pump and Tube includes 17 sturdy, durable cups, 1 hand pistol pump and 1 connecting tube. It is a highly versatile set and comes with cups of different shapes: oval for the peri-spinal region, curved bottom for the side of the body, triangle for edged body surface.

Spring Loaded Dermal Roller with Acupuncture Probe £24.99

Acupuncture aims to promote healing through the insertion of acupuncture needles along acupoints and meridians of the body. Whilst the thought of actually inserting needles can be quite daunting for some dermal rollers and acupuncture Probes are a great alterative as they can be used to stimulate points without puncturing the skin. The Spring Loaded Dermal Roller with Acupuncture Probe features a shaft which can be used to massage hand and foot and comes in silver plated for sedating purposes or gold plated for stimulation.

Spiky Magnetic Massage Balls £24.99

The Spiky Magnetic Massage Balls have been designed to incorporate the alternative therapies of magnetic energy, massage and acupuncture. They are chrome plated with a spiky surface and can be rolled over the skin to provide a non-invasive acupuncture style massage. They are made with 1000 gauss strength magnets for massage on the hands and body.

Visit Health and Care for a range of alternative therapy products including magnetic therapy, acupuncture therapy, Gua Sha massage, auricular acupuncture, Su Jok or hand acupuncture, Shonishin or paediatric acupuncture, infrared light and acupressure all with free UK delivery.