Top 5 Winter Warming Products

Thursday, 7 November 2013  | 

Whether we like it or not, it’s getting colder and we’re all looking for ways to fight the freeze.  Personally the things I like to spend my money on the most are the cosy comfy products that keep me snug.  So before you start browsing for your new seasons winter warmers, take a look at our top 5 products to keep the cold at bay.

5.  The Slanket – a cross between a dressing gown and a blanket, what’s not to love! Instant warmth when you come in from the bleak, cold weather outside.

4. Isotoner GlovesGloves are a must have for any winter wardrobe, and whilst there’s so many to choose from, it’s a no brainer for the technically minded of you.  We all know the feeling of trying to use our phone/mp3 player/camera in big bulky gloves.  It just doesn’t happen, the gloves come off, your hands freeze and you wonder why you bothered.  But with the Isotoner gloves, this is no longer a problem.  Use your phone and keep your hands warm! It’s a win win.  

3.  Hotrox Hand Warmer – Combine this with the isotoner gloves and you’ve got yourself the ultimate outdoor warming duo! Functional and practical, what more could you want.  The Hot Rox hand warmer is electronic and so can be used time and time again, making it much more economical than buying disposable hand warmers, and it warms up much faster too.  Perfectly palm sized, the hot rox is a must for any outdoors activities this winter.

2.  Hotties Foot Warmer – Another indoor treat for getting cosy away from the cold.  Whilst Hotties have a whole range of products to keep you toasty, the foot warmers are my personal favourites.  My feet always get cold, and in winter I feel lost without my slippers.  The Hotties foot warmer goes one step further with a hidden pouch containing a magical microwaveable pack to give long lasting warmth to your feet and toes!  You don’t even have to be cold to reap the benefits of this pack.   After a long day on your feet, give them a treat with the snuggly Hotties foot warmer.

1.  Climsom Cooling and Warming Mattress Topper – Where would we all rather be when caught in the cold weather?  Why bed, of course!  There’s nowhere better, the ultimate cosy haven.  Except for when you get in and AH it’s cold! But fear not, with the Climsom Cooling and Warming Mattress Topper, your bed can be toasty warm 24/7.   The great thing about the Climsom mattress topper is that you can regulate the temperature between 18- 48 ⁰C and so always at the perfect sleeping temperature, be it summer or winter.  This product is ideal all year round, which why it’s my number 1.

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