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Top 5 Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Thursday, 19 June 2014  |  Paul

With temperatures on the rise finally, and beginning to reach the uncomfortable threshold, here’s my top 5 cooling products that will keep you cool this summer! Perfect if you suffer from sweats and general overheating.

  1. Perfect Fitness Cooling Towel
    This Perfect Fitness Cooling Towel is made of material that absorbs water while remaining dry to the touch! Remaining cool for hours, the cooling towel it’s perfect for hot days watching sports etc placed around the neck.
  2. PCM Cooling Pillow Pad
    The Cooling Pillow Pad is a popular item made with ‘Phase Changing Material’ that uses ultra-fine crystals to absorb body heat, thereby having a cooling effect on the body. Lightweight so you can take it anywhere!
  3. Climsom Cooling – and Warming – Mattress Topper
    This is air conditioning for your mattress! By using temperature controlled water running through the item, the Climsom Cooling Mattress Topper circulates temperature effectively for whatever temperature you want!
  4. Chillow Pillow
    The Chillow Pillow provides a soft, relaxing pillow that is used on top of a regular pillow. The Chillow Pillow is great for fevers, headaches etc for night time relief and is super lightweight for travel.
  5. Physicool Cooling Spray
    If you’re in need of some truly rapid cooling, a cooling spray such as the Physicool Rapid Relief Cooling Spray provides powerful coolant directly to the skin that offers instant relief from sunburn and bites etc. Maybe not if you’re just feeling a little hot however!