Top 5 Sports Insoles

Saturday, 2 November 2013  |  Paul

5. Spenco Ironman Gel Performance Insoles.

These sports insoles are ideal for anyone looking for all over comfort and cushioning within their trainers. The heel and arches of these insoles have been designed to ensure a good fit and overall comfort and performance. The triple gel layers are so soft and bouncy it’ll be like running on air 

4. Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Insoles.

The Double Strike insoles from the Sorbothane range are amazing value for money at £14.99 and are designed to cushion impact in the forefoot and heel. These 2 areas of the foot are usually the places where most impact occurs in most sports and even just walking around every day. These insoles also have an anti-bacterial and anti-odour top sheet to help keep your trainers fresh.

3.Spenco Active Comfort Earthbound Insoles

This is our most environmentally friendly insole with 55% of the material coming from recycled and renewable resources. The recycled cork layer provides excellent cushioning and also deep heel cupping which prevent over pronation. These eco insoles are perfect for use in hiking boots and trainers as the non-slip upper has been design to prevent blisters from forming. Ideal for those long hikes!

2. Max Cushion Orthosole Insoles.

Available in men’s and women’s version these sports insoles are fully customisable in the arch and metatarsal areas. Try light, medium and firm support by simply changing the additions on the base of the insole. These sports insoles are ideal for someone who is not sure of what kind of support they need and enables you to try out each in your own time. Also available in a ¾ length version.

1. Superfeet Insole Range. So in at number one is the entire Superfeet range, all insoles come with a 60 day comfort guarantee so you really have got nothing to lose except your sore feet! Choose from a range of colours to suit different types of athletic shoes, from regular gym trainers to ski boots, from ice hockey skates to cycling cleats there’s literally a Superfeet to suit every foot and every sport. Check out the full range of 16 insoles here and read the short blurbs you’ll instantly know which colour is for you.