Top 5 Products To Help Stop Snoring

Friday, 8 November 2013  |  Paul

Snoring keeps people awake. And it’s other people - not even the snorer themselves which makes it all the more infuriating and contentious an issue. The traditional cures for snoring, such as a sharp elbow jab to the face, however require effort on the part of the victim (and this seems wrong since the onus should be on the snorer themselves). Many a nights rest can be saved however by using one of the many dedicated products to help stop the snore! Here’s my top 5;

5: Snore Calm Foam Ear Plugs    

These are among the highest rated earplugs available and are a cost effective solution ideal for many people. However, I always think why should you have to buy and wear something when the snorer gets away with it? Read on for alternatives;


4: Snore Calm Chin Up Straps    

The chin up straps are designed to keep the mouth closed – and you will almost definitely snore if you breathe through your mouth when asleep – and use an adhesive strip to keep your mouth shut. Sounds strange but it’s effective!


3: Breathe Right Nasal Strips  

These little nasal strips are somewhat more dignified with their fixing and dilate the nostrils from the outside using a springy adhesive strip to literally stretch your nose apart! Simple, but again effective.

2: Nozovent Nasal Dilator

My favourite idea for a snoring solution has to be the Nozovent. Working on the same principal as the Breathe Right Strips, the Nozovent dilates the nostrils – only from the inside not the outside. Best of all, the snorer will look like a bull with a ring through their nose when wearing it! A fitting punishment in my mind.

1: Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray

The Rhynil wins the top 5 with its effectiveness. A simple, natural method that doesn’t require anyone to wear anything at all relying on good old herbs with astringent properties to reduce nasal congestion. Rhynil also works for more general nasal congestion too, caused by allergies for example and so represents the best all-round solution.