Top 5 Products For Runnerís Knee

Friday, 1 November 2013  |  Paul

Runnerís knee is one of the most common knee conditions and is also known by other names such as patellofemoral pain syndrome or chondromalacia patella. Runnerís knee is not only caused by running, it can also be caused by walking and other sports. This painful condition is caused by overuse of the knee and misalignment of the patella causing discomfort behind the knee cap. The best ways to treat this common problem is a good combination of knee and leg strengthening physiotherapy exercises and products to aid you recovery and help prevent future pain.

The Insole - Orthaheel Sports Insoles £23.99

The Orthaheel Sports Insole has been designed prevent knee and foot pain. The insoles fit running shoes, walking shoes and most types of sports shoe making them ideal for both daily and sporting activities. They fit closely to the bottom of the foot, affecting the position and motion to reduce the amount of pronation. This reduces the stress on the body that normally results in pain, supporting your feet and legs properly can aid proper alignment as well as absorb shock which will help you get rid of your runnerís knee pain.

The Knee Brace - Fast-Wrap Patella Stabilizer Knee Support £69.99

The Fast-Wrap Patella Stabilizer stabilizes the patella without compression with a firm crescent shaped pad to give you the added medial or lateral support you need for your runnerís knee. The brace is also designed to be comfortable to wear so that you do not notice it during everyday activities and the subtle colour makes it easy to wear under clothes.

The Knee Support Strap - McDavid Multi Action Knee Strap £23.99

The McDavid Multi Action Knee Strap is a versatile knee support which features infinitely adjustable curved buttresses for personal customisation. Placing a curved buttress under the patella gives excellent support to help relieve runnerís knee pain and guide the patella into the correct tracking position. The strap is also made from stretch thermal neoprene fabric which helps aid in recovery by providing localised heat which increases the flow of blood around the knee. The strap is also fully adjustable allowing you the find the correct level of compression and support for your knee.

The Ice Pack - Dura Soft Knee Sleeve Knee Ice Pack Wrap £19.99

The Dura Soft Knee Sleeve Knee Ice Pack Wrap has two ice inserts which provide continuous cold or hot therapy to the knee area. The design applies soothing hot or cold therapy all around the knee to help relieve pain and swelling whilst also promoting the healing process.

Something a bit differentÖ

KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape £14.99

KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape is a pre-cut kinesiology tape which can be quickly and easily applied to provide custom support around the knee. The strong, elastic tape provides relief and support for muscles and joints and can help to prevent runnerís knee.  One application can last up 5 days making it an economic aid for knee pain. Visit Health and Care to view our full range of sports supports and braces as well as our specialist knee area.

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