Top 5 Pill Cutters & Crushers

Monday, 6 January 2014  |  Paul

Tapestry Pill Wallet makes an excellent gift with its luxurious tapestry effect cover.This handy weekly pill organiser/dispenser is great for organising a whole weeks medication in one go or taking your medication on holiday etc.

Daily Pill box with Flexi Timer & Countdown Timer If you’re after something a bit more high tech then this Daily Pill box with Flexi Timer & Countdown Timer is for you. The state of the art electronic pillbox has all the features anyone will ever need and with its 5 alarms & 5 tablet compartments it is especially useful for Parkinson's patients or anyone who needs to take frequent doses of medication.  

An extra benefit of the Daily Pill Box the Countdown timer function where, if your medication needs to be increased to more than 5 times per day you can use the Countdown function which will alert you up to 24 times per day. 

Medelert Automatic Pill Despenser The Medelert Automatic Pill Despenser is fully automatic, has a lockable lid and timed release of medication. This means the patient can only gain access to the medication at the correct time thereby avoiding the danger of overdose.

The Medelert Automatic Pill Despenser remembers your time and alarm settings every day, but they are easily changed at any time 

The PivoTell Automatic Pill Dispenser If you are after the ultimate pill dispenser then look no further. The original PivoTell Automatic Pill Dispenser is a useful and safe dispensing pill and medication dispensing aid.

The Automatic Pill Dispenser is easy to use. At the pre-programmed times, the dispenser rotates, the alarm signal is heard, and the correct dosage comes into view through the opening in the lid. The alarm continues to ring until the medication is taken, and will automatically stop after 60 minutes. This is ideal if you are busy and away from the pill dispenser for any length of time.  

AM/PM Pill Box The perfect pill box for  those of you who are jetting off on your holidays The AM/PM Pill Box has two compartments, one more and one afternoon for organising medication.

The AM/PM Pill Box is simple to use and makes it convenient to store any size pill, tablet or vitamin.The AM/PM Pill Box has a small size making it great great for travel and will fit in your pocket, purse or briefcase with ease.

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