Top 5 Pain Relief Products From Health and Care

Thursday, 29 May 2014  |  Paul

Pain. It’s a bugger isn’t it? Fortunately we resourceful humans have come up with many ways to combat it – lucky us! Here’s my top 5 Health and Care pain treatments;

  1. Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel: Biofreeze Gel comes in a variety of forms and uses Isopropyl Alcohol as cryotherapy. Recommended by many profesioanls, Biofreeze Gel penetrates to the source of pain quickly and freezes it out! This is possibly the most popular treatment here.
  2. Pain Gone Pen: This pocket sized little device delivers a controlled electronic frequency that sends a message to the brain to release the body’s natural painkillers – endorphins. The Pain Gone Pen has been shown to be effective against pain in 87% of cases.
  3. Boswelia Balm: This is a natural remedy that is ideal for aches and stiffness. For those that like a natural approach, Boswelia is inspired by an ancient Buddhist monk recipe including the valued Indian incense.
  4. Painmaster: The Painmaster is revolutionary in providing drug-free pain relief in the form of micro current therapy that can be worn all day – even when sleeping! The low level electrical impulses work at a cellular level to enhance circulation – accelerating the body’s natural healing process.
  5. Paineaze Roll On: The aptly names Paineaze brand specialise in powerful and effective ways to combat pain, especially in joints and muscles. The roll on is simply rolled on wherever needed! It contains anti-inflammatory and cooling ability produces from all natural ingredients

If you’re in pain, why not take a look at these items - they may be just what you need!