Top 5 Bunion Supports & Bunion Splints

Saturday, 30 November 2013  |  Paul

In the UK about 18% of people suffer from Bunions. A bunion is formed when the big toe moves towards the other toes causing the 1st Metatarsal to stick out. Leaving this untreated over time can be rather painful and lead to surgery in some cases. Bunions can be caused by wearing shoes that are too tight or from inherited foot deformities amongst other things. 

Bunions can be treated with the supports, painkillers and orthotics before looking at surgery. If you are in the position of suffering from Bunions there a number of items that can help and I would advise you have a look on the website as we have such a wide range of supports and splints to support and relieve pressure. If you are unsure which would be the most helpful we would always advise that you get a medical opinion. Here are 5 of the main supports which are popular on the Health and Care website. (There are many more!)

5. Silipos Gel-Fit Bunion Pad Sleeve – The Silipos range is popular across healthcare professionals. It offers gel Therapy support which cushions, protects and releases pressure on the bunion. This contours to the shape of the foot and is hypoallergenic. The Silipos range is known for the support and compression that it gives to the patient while they are wearing the sleeve. 

4. Hallux Valgus Bunion Night Splint- Is a very simple design and can only be used a night. There is one strap that goes around the centre of the foot and comes on the inside of the big toe to help realign the position of the toe. This bunion night splint does have foam on the inside for comfort and is a practical support for those who need it. It is also easy to clean and is good value for money. 

3. Darco Toe Alignment Splint – The popular low profile fabric support which has a loop fastening and works well within shoes and does not slip. The toe alignment splint for bunions is made from elasticated cotton which does not irritate skin. It helps to align the foot and does not add additional pressure. 

2. Otto Bock Hallux Valgus Combo ComforT – This option offers a stronger support and has a strap which secures around the ankle which helps to align the toe into place. This bunion support stabilises the support and offers pain relief as well as being a good support. It is also low profile hallux valgus support which comes in options of colours .

1. Bauerfeind ValguLoc II Big Toe Stabilizing Support- Is designed to be hardwearing and is a rigid big toe support. This is especially helpful when used early in the stages of a bunion forming. It also can be set at different gradients to help align the toe into the correct position at 5 degree increments. It can be worn in shoes during the day and is also suitable for night time use.