Top 5 Bath Accessories

Saturday, 7 December 2013  |  Paul

1. One of the most comfortable products at Health and Care has to be the Soft Feel Comfort Bath Pillow. Unlike conventional bath pillows where the plastic is cold and slippery, this cushion has a foam inner with a soft touch outer making it really comfortable and warm in the bath. At £14.99 this could make a nice Christmas present for Mum or Gran.

2. The Shower Sandal is a firm scrubbing brush which has rubber suckers on the bottom to hold in the place in the shower. This shower sandal is ideal for anyone who has limited mobility or finds it difficult to stretch in the shower. It can also be washed in the dishwasher to keep it nice and clean!

3. Our Bath Safety Strips are ideal for anyone who needs that extra bit of grip in the shower or bath. These bath strips can be quickly and easily applied to any area of the bath or shower. Especially good for Little Ones bath times!

4. The Long Handled Net Bath Puff is a luxurious alternative to a bath sponge and makes any soap or liquid shower gel really foam up. Measuring 15 cms long it is ideal for awkward to reach areas on the back and legs

5. The Luxury Back and Body Brush can be used wet in the shower or bath for a firm, massaging scrub. The smooth bristles of the Luxury Back and Body Brush also makes it great for dry body brushing which helps to increase blood circulation and can even reduce cellulite!