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Top 5 Amplified Mobile Phones For The Hard Of Hearing

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Modern mobile phones can be difficult to hear for many people, and difficult to use in general for many others. Whether your problem is the quiet volume of most phones, or the complicated touch screens that seem impossible to navigate, there has to be a better way. Luckily, at Healthandcare.co.uk, we stock a wide range of mobile phones designed to solve these problems, with loud volumes suitable for the hard of hearing, and no-nonsense designs that make operating the phone simple.

With these amplified mobile phones, you can leave behind the days of fiddling with a complex phone or straining to hear your loved ones on a busy street. Our phones are designed with loud, crystal-clear sound and easy, intuitive controls, making your mobile phone experience as pleasant as can be. Read on to learn about our Top 5 Amplified Mobile Phones for the Hard of Hearing.

Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone

Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile PhoneJust because your phone is audible and easy-to-use doesn't mean it can't be stylish as well. The Geemarc CL8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone is an all-round ideal choice for the hard of hearing, with call amplification to make voices up to 40dB louder. Made with a classic clamshell design to reduce storage space in a bag or pocket, this phone will allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones, wherever you are.

The powerful amplified ringer can be adjusted up to 90dB, and the phone features a phone book for up to 300 numbers, allowing you to store every contact you need. To ensure the user's safety, the phone features an emergency SOS button, as well as three one-touch memory keys for instant speed dialling when you need it.

Key Features: Loud voice amplification, 90dB ringer, clamshell design, SOS button.

Amplicomms PowerTel M9500 Senior Smartphone Mobile Phone

Amplicomms PowerTel M9500 Senior Smartphone Mobile PhoneThis phone takes the best features from modern smartphones and makes them easier to hear, see and use. An ideal option for the elderly, the Amplicomms PowerTel M9500 Senior Smartphone Mobile Phone makes touchscreens accessible to virtually anyone, with a higher screen resolution than the typical smartphone, as well as louder volume and hearing aid compatibility.

This phone features a simplified Android interface, modified so the text is larger and easier to see. The ringtone can be adjusted up to 90dB and the receiver to 40dB, so making and receiving calls is streamlined and simple for all users. With AGPS (Assisted GPS) and an SOS function, this phone will make the user's life easier and cut out all sorts of stress.

Key Features: Accessible touch screen, large text, loud volume, assisted GPS.

Doro Secure 580 Amplified Safety Mobile Phone

Doro Secure 580 Amplified Safety Mobile PhoneIf you're looking for a reliable, practical phone that does its job without any hassle, look no further. The Doro 580 Amplified Safety Mobile Phone is designed to be incredibly easy to use for seniors and anyone else, providing security and peace of mind while out and about. It features four speed dial keys for fast dialling of your most important contacts, eliminating the risk of dialling a wrong number for those important calls.

The phone receiver amplifies crystal-clear sound up to 35dB, making phone conversations clear and easy to hear for those who are hard of hearing. Hearing aid compatible, this durable phone includes an emergency assistance button, which immediately sends a text to all four numbers on the speed dial list with the phone's GPS location. It also immediately calls the first number on the list, set automatically to speakerphone.

Key Features: Simple, four-button speed-dial list, loud volume, emergency SOS button.

Geemarc CL8360 Amplified Big Button Mobile Phone

Geemarc CL8360 Amplified Big Button Mobile PhoneThe next phone on our list provides a great balance between ease of use and functionality, with simple navigation and design. The Geemarc CL8360 Amplified Big Button Mobile Phone lives up to its name with big buttons that are easy to see and press. An amplified receiver and ringer make calls easy to answer and the large colour display is easy to navigate, even for those with some visual impairment.

Hearing aid compatible, this phone will be easy to operate for virtually any user, with clear audio that perfectly captures the voice on the other end. The large colour display features large characters, and can be adjusted in contrast for optimal personal viewing. It also includes an emergency button that will send a text to six numbers of your choice with the touch of a button.

Key Features: Easy to navigate, big buttons, full keypad, hearing aid compatible.

Amplicomms PowerTel M7510-3G Amplified Mobile Phone

Amplicomms PowerTel M7510-3G Amplified Mobile PhoneLast, but certainly not least, on our list is a phone that packs a few unique features to make use as accessible as possible. The Amplicomms PowerTel M7510-3G Amplified Mobile Phone is made with the classic clamshell design to stay compact and convenient, anywhere you go. Designed for simplicity, this phone features a loud, clear receiver, ensuring the user hears everything that's said from the other end.

The sound is further clarified with tone control, enabling you to adjust the frequency of the receiver to perfectly match your hearing needs. Hearing aid compatible and SOS-ready, this phone includes a big keypad and large display, making reading texts and making calls simple. It also can announce each number and name selected out loud, reducing the chances of a misdial.

Key Features: Compact design, large keys and display, name and number announcement.

The Final Verdict

Now that you've seen some of our favourite mobile phones for the hard of hearing, it's time to decide for yourself. If you're after a phone with a loud, clear receiver to hear the person on the other end as if they're standing next to you, these phones will do the trick. Likewise, if you're looking for a phone that has large, easy-to-read buttons with a large, easy-to-read screen, the phones on this page are an excellent choice. Finally, if safety is your aim and you want a reliable SOS emergency option to stay safe, these phones meet that need as well. All that's left is to choose your favourite, and enjoy calling that is easier than every before!

Not convinced yet? Check out our extensive full range of amplified mobile phones for the hard of hearing.

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