Tired of aching feet? We look at the best insoles to help support your feet

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Whether it is wandering around the shops or a nice stroll in the country, there is nothing worse than sore and aching feet ruining your day. Foot pain, including toe and heel pain is extremely common and there is a wide range of causes. Luckily there is a great selection of insoles, heel pads and foot arch supports available to help ease any pain and make walking, hiking or running comfortable again.

Specialist insoles can be placed on top of a shoe’s existing insole or replace the insole completely are a great way to help ease foot pain. Insoles can help target a specific area of pain or provide general comfort for poor fitting footwear. The Silipos WonderSole Gel Insoles provide support and shock absorption. The Silipos Wondersole Gel Insoles are ideal for a range of foot complaints including ball of foot pain, plantar fasciitis and arthritis in the foot. This Silipos Gel Insole contains dual density inserts placed at the heel and ball of the foot to provide additional relief to these sensitive areas.

The Spenco Ironman Performance Gel Insoles are an excellent cushioning insole for everyday comfort. The design of the Spenco Insole provides stability and cushioning for the heel and also correct arch placement, ensuring a better fit within footwear. These Spenco Ironman Insoles contain triple density gel to absorb shock and impact. The Superfeet Blue Insoles are one the most versatile insoles available on the market. These Blue Superfeet Insoles are designed for people with a low to medium arch providing excellent biomechanical support. The Superfeet Insole will provide support for the widest variety of foot shapes and will fit athletic footwear as well as dress and casual shoes.

Problems with the arch of the foot can lead to severe foot pain. Luckily this pain can be helped by a range of specialist foot arch supports. The Mueller Foot Arch Support is designed to help relieve pain using targeted compression providing a stable support. The innovative design of the Mueller Arch Supports makes it one of the most popular foot arch supports for athletes and for everyday use. The Mueller Foot Arch Supports are suitable for use with football boots and trainers. The Therastep Foot Arch Support Sleeve has been designed to provide gentle compression and comfort for the arch of the foot, helping relieve foot arch pain. This Therastep Foot Arch Support Sleeve helps to lift and support the plantar fascia which also helps to relieve heel pain.

Another common foot complaint is discomfort with the ball of the foot. The Silipos Ball of Foot Gel Cushion Pad has a massaging texture which helps to protect against abrasion, friction and pressure. This helps to protect against uncomfortable rubbing underneath the foot. This Silipos Ball of Foot Gel Cushion Pad is ideal for calluses and tenderness on the ball of the foot. The pain on the ball of the foot is also known as metatarsalgia. If the cause of the foot pain is specifically in the heel, specialist heel supports are ideal for this type of pain. The Juragel Silicone Heel Cup with Soft Spot is a hard-wearing heel pad support which helps to cushion loading points when walking or standing. The design of the Juragel Silicone Heel Support helps to distribute the weight more evenly and features an extra soft spot in the middle of the pad for additional heel protection. The Bauerfeind Visco Spot Heel Support is one the top heel supports available for heel pain. This Bauerfeind Visco Spot Heel Support has been designed specifically for the treatment of talagia, also known as heel spurs. This Heel Support helps to cushion the shock load of every step.

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