This Week's Number One Pain Reliever - The Hottie!

Saturday, 30 August 2014  |  Paul

This week's number one pain reliever - The Hottie!

Desperate for relief from Period pain, Arthritic pain, Stomach pain, Rheumatic pain, Sprains or injuries? Hotties and Micro-Hotties are the number one solution warming to relief aches and pains.

Hotties are the UK’s leading microwavable hot water bottles are safe and easy to use, providing comfort and warmth for multiple uses.

Taking only a couple of minutes to heat in the microwave, Hotties provide a safe alternative to hot water bottles. With no boiling kettles there is no danger of being scalded. Hotties contain water soaked into an internal core with no danger of sticky gels or wax.

The Hottie is hand sewn and quilted with matching black binding, the cover material is 65% polyester and 35% brushed viscose.

Get your Hotties or Micro-Hotties now from Health and Care, available in a variation of colours".