Thera-band Flex Bar from Health and

Saturday, 28 June 2014  |  Paul

The Thera-band Flex Bars are a range of exercise bars that provide a cost-effective solution to alleviating tennis elbow and strengthening the muscles of the upper body. The Thera-band Flexbar offers benefits to those seeking rehabilitation after hand, wrist, and arm injuries, those suffering from tennis elbow, and even for individuals simply looking to strengthen their arms and upper body.

The Thera-band Flex Bar includes a ridged surface in order to provide maximum grip and the flexible but incredibly durable material from which the Thera Band Flexbars are made allows you to fully exert yourself without causing damage to the bar.

The Thera-Band Flex bars are supplied in four colour-coded resistance levels and can be bought separately or as a pack of four. The resistances provided for the Thera-band Flexbars are 6lbs (yellow), 10lbs (red), 15lbs (green), and 25lbs (blue). The different Thera-Band Flex bars provided allow for you to gradually increase resistance and build strength.

As well as hand, wrist, and arm rehabilitation, the Thera-band flexbar can be used for upper extremity stabilisation, neuro-muscular re-education, massage therapy, martial arts, sports grip strengthening, and even for guitarists and other musicians.

The Thera-band Flexbars are an incredibly versatile rehab and strengthening tool; get yours today at Health and