The Triggerpoint Total Body Kit

Friday, 18 April 2014  |  Paul

The Triggerpoint Total Body Kit is amongst our bestsellers here at Health and The Total Body Kit includes a number of items aimed at providing the equipment and educational tools necessary for endowing you with knowledge needed to safely and competently perform your own post-workout self-message. Some of the Triggerpoint items even double as workout tools as well, so you can work up a pre-massage sweat with them as well!

The Triggerpoint Total Body Kit

The Triggerpoint Total Body Kit is the most comprehensive package in the Triggerpoint Range and contains a staggering amount of goodies and educational DVDs and books to help ease the tension caused by a workout. The educational DVDs and books outline a daily massage routine aimed at mastering the Triggerpoint Performance MCT (Myofascial Compression Technique) for effective relief over 12 different points of the body.

The following items are included in the Triggerpoint Total Body Kit:

  • Total Body Book – The Total Body Book provides illustrations and step-by-step explanations of each of the 12 exercises that can be perform with the equipment.
  • Total Body 2-Disc DVD Set – This DVD set provides in-depth guidance on the correct techniques for use of the Total Body Kit for maximum efficacy.
  • FootBaller & Baller Block – The Baller Block raises the foot and lower leg off the ground allowing the FootBaller to be used to massage the muscles in the lower leg; ideal for winding-down after a jog!
  • TP Massage Balls – This double ball massage is designed to banish niggling aches and pains in the lower leg.
  • Quadballer – The Quadballer is undoubtedly the most versatile piece of equipment in the kit as it can be used to massage a wide range of muscles and regions of the body. It is for hands-free use and uses the user’s weight to massage the muscles of the trunk, upper leg, and other regions.
  • TP2 Ball – This item consists of a sleeve containing two balls in a peanut arrangement for use in massaging the spine, upper back, and other areas of the body.

Each item in the Triggerpoint Total Body Kit is incredibly versatile and can be used on a group of muscles in order to provide a comprehensive massage for maximum comfort and pain relief. The items included in the Total Body Kit are all very sturdily built to prevent any damage which is occasionally encountered with equipment designed to bear the user’s weight.

Other items within the Triggerpoint Range

  • The SMRT CORE DVD set provides the user which instructions on how to perform self-massage whilst exercising the core at the same time
  • The items from the Triggerpoint Total Body Kit can also be purchased individually
  • The Triggerpoint Foot and Lower Leg Kit provides all of the equipment and educational tools necessary for performing a comprehensive self-massage on the feet and lower legs.
  • The Triggerpoint Hip and Lower Back Kit contains items and educational tools for hip and lower-back self-massage.
  • The Triggerpoint Foam Roller is available in black or a vibrant orange and can be used for either self-massage or exercise. The different textures on the Foam Roller mimic human fingers and hands for an amazing sensation.

With all of these items the Triggerpoint Range is, without a doubt, the final word in self-massage.


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