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The Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad: Revolutionising Pressure Wound Care

Thursday, 30 June 2016  |  Paul

Bed sores, pressure wounds, pressure ulcers...whatever you know them by, we can all agree that this is a nightmarish affliction. Whether you have pressure ulcers yourself or care for someone who does, finding an effective solution which is both comfortable and economical can prove a struggle.

Once you have developed a bed sore, it can be challenging to get rid of: that’s why, if you are at risk of developing pressure sores, you need to take steps to nip it in the bud.

For a product which works to both heal existing bed sores whilst also preventing them from developing in the first place, the Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad can work wonders. This truly is a revolutionary product that was even trialled by the NHS with “a very positive assessment” – the first non-powered product to heal Stage 3 and 4 wounds. But before we get to that, let’s briefly explore exactly what pressure sores are and why they develop.

Under Pressure

Those with no experience of dealing with bed sores may regard them as a relatively archaic injury - perhaps associated with Henry VIII! In fact, pressure ulcers are a very real, current problem which affect nearly half a million people in the UK. They’re formed when a large amount of pressure is placed on the skin, disrupting the blood flow and causing the skin to become starved of oxygen, eventually breaking down. 

There are therefore a number of factors which increase your risk of developing bed sores, for instance if you are confined to a bed or chair due to an illness, or if you have type 2 diabetes which can restrict blood flow. People over the age of 70 are also at greater risk of suffering pressure ulcers as they are more likely to have mobility problems which can affect circulation, as well as ageing skin.

Pressure sores are not usually life threatening but can be a huge, often painful discomfort and inconvenience to everyday life. In extreme cases, bed sores can lead to blood poisoning and gangrene, which can be fatal. 

So What Can We Do?

Thankfully, there are various treatment options available to both relieve and prevent bed sores. From creams and dressings, to nursing care and surgery, there’s much which can be done to help. The trouble lies in finding the best option for you – for some, creams and gels may not be strong enough to effectively treat the wounds, or for others nursing care may not be a possible option.

An Eezi Peezi Solution

That’s where the Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad comes in. This product is unique in that it’s the first ever non-powered product to have been successfully trialled to treat Stage 3 and 4 pressure sores - other bed pads and mattresses are usually only able to heal up to Stage 2.

This makes the Treat-Eezie a superb choice for those who need a treatment method which is stronger than creams and dressings, isn’t as intrusive as surgery, and isn’t as expensive as nursing care or a powered solution which uses electricity. The Treat-Eezi fits this criteria, without compromising on effectiveness. 

Smooth Away Soreness

So how does it work? Well, the handy, lightweight bed pad is constructed from layers of polyester fibres. These conform to the natural contours of your body, providing pressure distribution and relief, whether you’re sitting or lying down, whilst also diminishing friction. The pressure is effectively smoothed away by the material.

Build up of moisture, for instance if you sweat during the night, can exacerbate bed sores and make them more likely to develop. The Treat-Eezie therefore also helps to keep you dry, where moisture drains to the bottom of the pad to regulate the user’s temperature and keep them dry and sore-free.

Providing 24 hour support, the lightweight Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad can also be transferred easily between bed and chair, helpful for those who do receive assistance from a nurse or carer who may need help turning and moving their patient. 

NHS Evaluation

And don’t just take our word for it!

The Treat-Eezi caused such a stir when introduced to the market that it was actually evaluated by the NHS, who reported back with encouraging feedback. Stating that their aim was to find “an innovative and cost effective support system for patients with complex chronic pressure ulcers”, they tested the product on two patients who suffered with bed sores. The first was an elderly lady with pressure sores in her lower back, the second a 57-year-old man with sores on his hip. 

It was reported that the former’s “sacral pressure ulcers healed after 3 weeks of using the product”, whilst the latter noticed “on the second week of using the bed pad there was visually improvement of ulcer bed.” The male patient particularly liked that the Treat-Eezi allowed him to sleep with his wife in the same bed without affecting either party.

The NHS summarised their evaluation by stating that “the 2 patients’ feedback showed a very positive assessment of bed pad.” They concluded that, as a non-powered solution, the Treat-Eezi was perfect for patients who didn’t want intrusive and expensive pressure relief equipment in their homes.

So check out the Treat-Eezi Bed Sore Pad available from Health and Care today!