The Sun Is Shining

Thursday, 4 July 2013  |  Paul

The Sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day and hopefully summer will be here soon. With summer comes the long evenings with family and friends, the summer BBQ’s, Summer Fairs etc. This year the charity I volunteer has given me the task to organise the Pimms stall. For those who know me this is not a chore! I think that there is no other drink that reminds you of summer more and it’s nice to drink while raising money for good causes. 

 The challenge is when making the perfect jug of Pimms is how much Pimms do you use? And what fruit? The secret to great Pimms is to not use too much Pimms, I know this is very tempting but can ruin the drink. The classic recipe which most we know and love is Strawberries, Orange, Cucumber and Mint. The last two do seem odd but they really bring out the flavours in the drink. Personally I think hat as this a very sweet drink I add diet lemonade and apples which brings out a different flavours. There are lots of other Pimms recipes out there which involve champagne and ginger ale. Let us know your summer drinks.