The Slanket Blanket With Sleeves Is Back

Thursday, 28 November 2013  |  Naomi

When it’s cold outside and you are snuggled indoors, what could be cosier than a fleece blanket? The Slanket blanket with sleeves of course! Made from soft, warm fleece material, the Slanket is guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy throughout the winter.

The best way to describe the Slanket is a cross between a warm dressing gown and a fleece blanket, what could be cosier! The Slanket is long enough to keep your whole body wrapped up warm, and as it comes with sleeves you can even walk around the house wearing your Slanket

The Slanket is available from Health and Care in a vast array of colours to suit any décor. Find out more about the colours available below:

Ruby Wine Adult Slanket – This burgundy coloured Slanket is one of the most popular Slankets available from Health and Its rich, red wine colour evokes a Christmassy feel making the Ruby Wine Slanket an ideal Christmas gift for loved ones. Plus, if you spill some of your favourite Merlot or Malbec wine the stain won’t be too bad!

Hunter Green Adult Slanket – The rich dark green coloured Slanket has a very British feel and would make a great Christmas gift for male family and friends. The Hunter Green Slanket is currently battling it out with the Ruby Wine Slanket to become the most popular Slanket at Health and Care. Who wins? You decide!

Hot Pink Adult Slanket – If you’re looking to get noticed in your Slanket this Christmas, look no further than the Hot Pink Adult Slanket! Its bright pink magenta colour is certainly striking and it makes a great Christmas gift for fans of the colour pink everywhere! 

Pink Adult Slanket – If the Hot Pink Slanket is a bit too pink, then the Pink Slanket is for you. The pink is a much softer baby pink colour and will blend into most home styles.

Cream Adult Slanket – For those who prefer things more on the classic side, the Cream Slanket is ideal. The cream is soft, gentle cream colour, not too white and not too yellow. The neutral shade of the cream Slanket enables is to fit into any room colour. This delicate coloured Slanket is an ideal Christmas gift for all ages, male or female!

Peace Adult Slanket – Make a statement with this radically designed Peace patterned Slanket! The Peace Slanket is completely covered with multi-coloured peace signs. A great Christmas gift for anyone who wants to make a protest.

Polka Dot Adult Slanket – Probably the most fun colour in the Slanket range. The Polka Dot Slanket is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Get your Slanket now from Health and! At only £31.99 with free UK delivery, the Slanket makes a great Christmas gift for all ages.