The Secrets To A Good Night's Sleep

Tuesday, 24 June 2014  |  Paul

Knock snoring on the head with the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray

We all know how snoring can disrupt a good night sleep, whether you’re the snorer or you just sleep next to one.

With the natural herb Euphrasia Officinalis and antiseptic / anti-bacterial properties, the Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray is a proven effective relief from snoring. By using its astringent properties; the herbal spray is used to stop snoring caused by 'palatal flutter'.

The Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray is one of the best-selling stop snoring products available today and is suitable for sufferers of nasal stuffiness, people with small or collapsed nostrils and mouth breathers.

Spending ages trying to find that ‘cool’ spot? Stay cool with the Chillow Pillow

With the great summer weather upon us it’s time to switch to our summer duvets and get out our Chillow Pillows!

The Chillow Pillow helps you keep cool throughout the day and night an d can be used with your existing pillow to help you get a better quality of sleep.

The Chillow Pillow provides a soft, relaxing sensation, designed to soothe headaches, cool hot flushes and ease you into a deep sleep. Placed between your head and the pillow, the Chillow Pillow quickly and naturally calms the body and mind.

Enjoy peace and quiet with the Snore Calm Elite Foam Ear Plugs

If like me you enjoy a cool breeze at night, but don’t appreciate the midnight traffic then you should try the Snore Calm Elite Foam Ear Plugs.

The Snore Calm Elite Foam Ear Plugs offer superior noise-blocking performance from snoring, traffic and music.

The Snore Calm Foam Elite Ear Plugs offer excellent long wearing comfort and are the world's most popular polyurethane foam ear plugs, now with the highest Noise Reduction rating of 37db.

Rest your weary head on the Harley Original Pillow for a great night’s sleep

Contoured for comfort and molded for support, the Harley Original Pillow is must have for a good night’s sleep.

The Harley Original Pillow is molded from cold cast polyurethane which provides a more precise and ergonomic shape ensuring the perfect positioning. Harley Pillows have a beautifully smooth surface and provide optimum comfort with a long product lifespan.

Liquid foam is literally poured into an ergonomically shaped and prepared mould and allowed to cure giving precise contours and gentle support

Featuring a rounded neck support helping to relax the vertebrae, these incredibly supportive the Harley Original Pillows have helped many thousands of people achieve the ultimate night's sleep.

Forget memory foam mattresses! It’s all about the Ripple Mattress Topper

One thing guaranteed to keep you awake at night is an uncomfortable mattress. The Ripple Mattress Topper solves this problem and simply lies on top of your existing mattress.

The Ripple Mattress Topper has Nodular foam that encourages comfort and support. Unique foam construction allows air to circulate well. The soft ripples spread pressure evenly and help make sure you won't feel any uncomfortable pressure hotspots.

Sleep in comfort with the Ripple Mattress Topper".