The Sauna Suit

Monday, 27 May 2013  |  Paul

Another way of intensifying your workout is to raise your temperature and get sweating. You’re probably thinking well, I get hot and sweaty at the gym anyway, but you can really ramp up your workout with the Fitness-Mad Sauna Suit.

This Sauna Suit has been designed for fitness mad cardio fanatics who want to challenge themselves and get the most out of their workout. The durable PU material is PVC free, water and wind proof, making sure heat is sealed in and no cool air or rain reaches you (Also good for those cold winter mornings as well!). The cuffs and waist are also elasticated for comfort and extra insulation, there’s no heat escaping from this suit!

These suits should be used with caution, but if used properly can be an effective way of losing weight and increasing your metabolic rate. The Fit-Mad Sauna Suit features a zip up front, so you can control the temperature, if you should get too hot.

I know this is not the most fashionable or flattering piece of clothing you’ll ever wear, but this can dramatically help with weight loss as well as some skin conditions and can also be used for some spa treatments too. Psoriasis is a skin condition which causes the skin to become itchy and inflamed. This can cause a drying effect on the skin, by wearing a Sauna Suit with any ointments; this will make them more effective as the suit will keep the skin moist and supple.

As you’re going to be sweating quite a lot in this Sauna Suit it’s going to need cleaning often and this can be done by hand with a mild detergent and left to drip dry on the line.

Okay, so you may look slightly crazy in the gym or out running and cycling, but summer is around the corner and anything to help speed up getting your body beach ready is worth a try right?