The Salitair Poem

Monday, 26 November 2012  |  Paul

Today the idea of poetic blog post was thrown out there, so here goes;


Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls…. gather around as I share,

The amazing story of the Salitair.


For all of you who snuffle, cough, choke or wheeze,

Here’s a product that will help you breathe with ease.


Originating from the folk remedies of old,

This new salt therapy is a marvel to behold.


No need to visit salt caves or breathe in the sea air,

You can reap the benefits at home with the Salitair


Just fifteen minutes a day is thought to be enough,

Just hold the pipe to your face and take a puff,


Clinically proven and excellent reviews,

With the Salitair, you surely can’t lose


With refills available, you’ll never run out,

You’ll want to use it forever, there is no doubt.


So how can you get your hands on the amazing Salitair,

It’s simple really, just visit our site at Health and Care.