The PowerTel M5000 Extra Loud Mobile Phone from Health and Care

Saturday, 6 June 2009  |  Paul

The PowerTel M5000 is an extra loud mobile phone with a large button keypad and large display, making it the ideal mobile phone for people with hearing difficulties and hearing impairments.  The PowerTel M5000 can reach a ringing volume of up to 100dB and a receiving volume of up to 23dB and is also hearing aid compatible. The extra large button keypad makes using the PowerTel M5000 even easier when dialling numbers and writing text messages.

Many people who wear a hearing aid find it very difficult to use a standard mobile phone due to an uncomfortable whistling sound that occurs when they are listening to a conversation. As the PowerTel M5000 has an integrated induction loop, a hearing aid user can simply switch their hearing aid to the ‘T’ position and use it like a standard mobile phone. For people who are just looking for a very loud mobile phone the PowerTel M5000 Extra Loud Mobile Phone is ideal and can be adjusted to suit the user’s requirements.

What also tends to deter people with visual impairments from using a mobile phone is the small text on the mobile phone's screen. The PowerTel M5000 Extra Loud Mobile Phone comes with a white, clear display with extra large text so the numbers and letters can clearly be read. There is also an option with the PowerTel M5000 for the text on the display to increased further so the numbers and letters appear very large on the screen

The PowerTel M5000 comes with many additional features that you would not normally find with a standard mobile phone. The extra loud mobile phone comes with a unique SOS button which can store up to 5 emergency contacts such as 999 and relative's telephone numbers. It also has 3 buttons labelled M1, M2 and M3 which can store the 3 most regularly used contact numbers for quick dialling.Unlike most mobile phones the PowerTel M5000 Extra Loud Mobile Phone comes with a desk top charging cradle. This means that the PowerTel M5000 can sit on any table or desk like a normal landline phone making it easily accessible at all times. The desk top cradle is also a mains charging unit, so whilst the PowerTel M5000 is out of use and sat in the cradle it will automatically charge.As with a regular mobile phone, the PowerTel M5000 comes with all the useful features you would expect. The extra loud mobile phone can store up to 250 names and contact numbers in its phonebook and it can also be used to send SMS Text Messages. With its extra large font and big button keypad, sending text messages is much easier with the PowerTel M5000 than a regular mobile phone.